For Couples: Instagramming at Weddings!

I have blogged before about how much we love instagram. For real…. We love it. Head here for our profile:

What I wanted to talk about today was how we use instagram at weddings! That’s right, I take my phone out and use it at weddings! I probably take 3-4 photographs of the wedding day via my iPhone and upload them to instagram in real time. I love that the photos are already out there and getting some likes by family and friends WHILE we are still at the wedding. I always add a hashtag #[bride]and[groom]swedding and we tell the other iphoners there to use the same one. That way the couple can see all the fun instagrams that we took AND the ones that their friends took too!

At first I was pretty hesitant to do this, since it doesn’t exactly look professional to the unknower, but I have since come around to doing my best not to stress about what other people are thinking. The couples tend to love it! It’s how we enjoy our other fun life experiences so why wouldn’t we do this too? As much as it makes a small part of my cringe, another part of me LOVES that our clients love the instgram photos almost as much as their professional ones we give them later. More than one client still has the instagram photo from their wedding as their profile photo and one even made it into a wedding album… no lie.

1. Dan taking some couple shots of Dane and Michelle on the beach. 2. Abbie and I on the way to the ceremony! 3. Post wedding de-jewleryfying. (nice new word eh?) 4. Jess and Eric‘s wedding pumpkin.

1. Sippin’ on some Coca-cola 2. Wedding prep 3. Would you hate me if I told you that I don’t remember WHICH sunset cruise we were on when I took this one? #blessed 4. Becky and Aaron’s ceremony decor1. Lyndsey and Ben’s engagement session 2. A place at the table for Jasmine and Raul’s wedding #honored 3. Abbie’s mom and her besties in the photobooth. 4. Pre-wedding hotel mirror shot

1. One of my favorites!!! Lyndsey and her bridal party strike a pose. 2. A goodbye hug before Jess and Eric left at the end of the night. 3. This one made Andrew and Lisa’s album. 4. The basilica at Elizabeth and Michael’s engagement session.

1. Becky and Aaron snugglin’. 2. Kathleen and her bridesmaids in the snow. 3. Abbie and Javi gettin’ MARRIED! 4. Kathleen and Jacob and Dan at the beach.

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