For Couples: Pre-Ceremony Breathing Room

Ok… it’s almost time!!!

Rushing before the ceremony is not fun, ever. Budget your time wisely. This is a REALLY hard thing to do on a wedding day, and something that an experienced wedding coordinator can help you with for sure. When you have TIME to relax a little bit, you will be able to… well…. relax!

If you want photos with you and your attendants, or you and your immediate family alone, you need to make sure you have set aside time to do this. We have realized however, that hardly anyone knows just how much time to budget for this. What works best is when you are completely dressed and all gussied up, you can take a few moments just being photographed alone. A mini-bridal session is one way to look at it. This doesn’t have to take any longer than 10 minutes, but if you are not paying attention, you can lose this time in all the fuss of getting ready. Once we have time together, then we can get your family to join us. That will make sure that you have those precious family formals that really do matter to a lot of people simply because they are a chronicle of who was there and who matters the most. Its really important to make time for this. Then all your brides maids can get in on the action too. That can take a little longer, however it is worth it. Don’t forget, your Groom needs to have this too! If you are not doing a first look, this can happen at the same time in different places. If you are doing a first look, we can also add all the together photos to this too!

Some of the best and most honest photos we’ve taken happened while the bride was simply waiting for the ceremony to begin for a little while. There was enough time for what was about to happen to sink in rather than being in the middle of the ceremony before things really hit her! This can only happen it you make an ample and plentiful timeline for your pre-ceremony events.

Things to remember:

  • Your bridesmaids will take longer than you think to get ready.
  • EAT a healthy filling breakfast.
  • Talk with your photographer and decide on exactly what photos you want taken before the ceremony. That will determine your timeline.
  • If your dress has a long line of buttons, and does not have a hidden zipper, make sure to set aside time for this… a long time.
  • Set a goal of being completely done with everything with at least 20 minutes to spare. That will give you some time to breathe deep.

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