For Couples: Rain

Rain on the wedding day tends to be every couples worst nightmare.  It TOTALLY does not have to be. It’s all about your mindset. Take it from me.

On our wedding day it was storming. I am talking windy, rainy and dark. We had an outdoor beach ceremony planned and there was no beach to speak of. The ocean was so ferocious that day that the waves were kissing the dunes. We were married inside at our reception location, the great room of a beach house. Our friends and family scrambled to set it up for us once the decisions to move inside was made. The rain stopped after the ceremony and we went outside for photos. The sun came out as we danced to our first dance. It was not exactly what we planned but it was ok! We got married and it was unforgettable. No one minded, since honestly, there were only there to see us become man and wife. That’s what this is all about. Never forget that. Here’s a photo from our wedding day, taken by Island Photography in the Nags Head, NC.

Besides the fact that it will be ok if it rains and you will still be married, it makes for some beautiful photos. We love it when it rains simply because it makes everyone have to think a little harder, and when that happens, usually more creative things happen. It sets a mood, that is cozy and comforting in a way. Think about how you feel when it rains. Typically for me, that means I feel more comfortable inside. I love the way it looks through my windows. Another HUGE benefit of rain is that it is cloudy and overcast typically before and after the rain, which diffuses the light and makes for deeper richer colors. Everything looks fresher after it rains, and plants glow. It’s definitely not a bad thing. If it rains on your wedding day, know that your plans may have to change. That is ok! You should pack a big, classic, pretty umbrella in your bridal kit. One of our friends, Juliet Elizabeth, photographed a wedding and it POURED during the reception and the couple, the guests, and Juliet all made the best of it. You can see what we are talking about near the end of the blog post. We are talking some serious rain. It looks pretty darn fun to me!

I guess what I’m trying to say is that you should not despair if it rains. It can make for something magical that you could never have planned for.Embrace it! We will too. As my old college friend Nikki said, “A wet knot is harder to untie.” That, we like.

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