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Choosing your wedding photographer is a big deal. We get that.

Not only is it a financial investment but it means something more than just a check-box on your wedding planning to do list. Instead, it means choosing the way you want to emotionally revisit your wedding day. The way your day is photographed is the way you will be able to see how it all went down and, with any luck, FEEL that day again. That is what we aim to do.

Our biggest reccomendation for making the process successful for you two, is to balance your logistical needs with the "intangibles" of how our photography makes you feel. If you like our vibes, then you'll like the vibes we capture at your wedding. You are hiring our minds, hearts, and our personal perspective on your day.


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Our full wedding collection begins here. This includes both of us as your photographers, at least seven hours of coverage, and the high-res images.

We also offer:


Intimate Weddings

Destination Weddings


Please contact us for a custom quote.


We offer:

Engagement Sessions

Day-After Sessions

Anniversary Sessions

*Prices subject to change at any time.

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While shooting, B+D make you feel comfortable behind the camera. If you tend to feel a little on the awkward side, they make it way easy. You may surprise yourself!- Abby


One of our favorite moments from our wedding day was when Bethany and Dan pulled us aside for a few photos during sunset. We got to dance and cuddle and laugh- just the two of us. Bethany and Dan turn photography into play and then turn each image into magic.- Valerie


I wish these guys were able to photograph my entire life.- Abigail


It’s safe to say what we enjoyed most about working with Bethany & Dan, aside from the incredible and unique photos that we now have forever, is that their love for each other is contagious. It’s so hard to feel awkward or rigid or unnatural when you’re with them. - Kate