Justin and Mary: Guest Speakers at the PUG

Last week, we had the pleasure of hearing Mary Marantz, of Justin and Mary, speak at a the PUG Boston. The PUG is actually the Pictage Users Group, and thankfully it was open to everyone since Dan and I are not actually pictage users. Ha! Im glad they are nice. Mary was so gracious. I always feel like a fool when I meet people I really look up to, and this was no different, however Mary was a sweetheart, complimented my earrings, and gave me a hug. Who doesn’t like that?

I have loved Mary for a long time. Sure, they take great photos. They better right? The reason I love her is because I love reading her blog. She is open, honest, and real. There are so many things that I can relate to her, that I wouldn’t have know about without her being herself on her blog. She grew up in a trailer in the south. I lived the first 7 years of my life in a trailer in NC. She loves her dog. We OBSESS over Hattie. She is serious when she needs to be serious, and fun otherwise. She loves New England. We moved here from the south because we love it so much! She and Justin choose wedding photography as their life path of choice, just like Dan and I. Perhaps the reason I love her the most is that her relationship with Justin is highlighted all over the blog, and that is how I feel that Dan and I are. We are crazy in love. Its wonderful to see that in other people too. So that’s why I was excited to hear her speak. Here is a little taste of their amazingness:

Justin & Mary: This Too is Love- A Film by Jeremy White from Justin Marantz on Vimeo.

Mary was so incredible to hear. Besides being an inspiration, she help us all to a higher standard of being REAL for our clients. She challenged us to be open and connect in an emotional way with our readers, our brides, and our potential clients. It all really resonated with me because I long to connect with people that way. I feel like if you aren’t connecting in an emotional way, you aren’t really connecting. Sure, you dont need to connect on an emotional level with your plumber, but you sure do want to trust him right? I want to build trust between our community, and the only way I can really do that, is to be open and honest and REAL with y’all.

Here are a few photos from the night.

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