Life Lately List: February 5, 2013

Holla back ya’ll!!! How have you been?? The weather blows and the sun has been hiding BUT we are getting things done and actually enjoying ourselves around here. I have a feeling that I have a problem called “addiction to working and seeing the fruits of my labor”. Ever heard of that disorder? Ive got it.

Little updates fo ya:

  1. We booked 4 weddings this January. Amen and huge happy faces all around. That’s 8 new friends, 4 happy couples, and 2 happy photographers. win win.
  2. Dan and I went out in Boston a few times in January, both of which were a blast. One was to the Mario Testino exhibit in the MFA and secondly to the Boston Tea Party Museum. Good times… for real. I am always and forever the eternal tourist and Im not ashamed of it. I love to do the tourist things… call me lame… call me crazy… but don’t call me “no fun” because I am and I can have a lot of fun at those things.
  3. We are still puppy sitting my friend Brandy’s pug Truman. We love him… and now Dan wants to get another cavalier. uh-oh!
  4. My little sister was in a car accident and my heart stopped for a day. She was FINE but the mere thought that she may not have been halted me for a while. Love you juh!!!
  5. We have officially put a plan in action to move to Maine this year. It blows my mind that this might actually FINALLY be happening and I can’t wait. Truly.
  6. My sweet friend Vanessa Embling moved to Honduras so serve the people there…. again my heart stopped. I miss her but I am so so happy for her.

So that’s our life lately. Any big plans on your horizon? How’s life with you?

Comment with your absolute favorite touristy thing to do in your town and one of you will win a Starbucks gifts card to get your energy up to go visit another one!

**Andrea Daniel Martelle was this month winner. Congrats lady!**

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