Life Lately List: January 4, 2016

Hello 2016!!!!

I love love love New Years and all the promise and excitement and hope for the coming year. New Years Day has always felt like a good clean slate for me and I look forward to it every year. New Years eve however… almost always a let down. It looks so fun on the internet doesn’t it? Well this year we have one of the few AMAZING New Years Eves that we have had in our lives. Besides that one year we photographed a wedding, we haven’t really had a good one. This year though, we were surrounded by friends and rang in the new year at the Music Farm in Charleston, watching the 10 year reunion farewell show of my all time favorite band, Jump Little Children.  It literally could not have been better.

December was a crazy month for us. Here is a rundown of all that happened:

  • The first couple days of the month, we were in NYC photographing Bastille for SPG.  Follow that link to see the photos.
  • Then we headed south to Gettysburg. That will get its own post so look forward to that this month. WAAAAAY to much to say about it. <3
  • We spent quality time here at the trailer in the OBX, talking business to get ready for the new year. The renovations begin today… literally. It was nice to have a good month enjoying it’s non-renovation state though.
  • Christmas was adorable and lasted 4 days for us, seeing both families and a collective of 5 grandparents.
  • We went to the NCMA and saw the M.C. Escher show. So good.
  • At the end of the month we went to see Jump 4 times. One was in Charlotte and the other three were in Charleston… meaning we got to go to Charleston! We got to spend quality time with a lot of our old and new friends and it was probably the happiest Ive been in years. Dan can attest. Jump gets its own blog post too.. so look for that soon. Its impossible to write it out in one snippet here.

So thats our wild December! I am so looking forward to 2016. I do have to say though that 2015 was a really good year for us and I am so happy to have lived it alongside my wonderful and eternally precious husband. Woot woot!!

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