Life Lately List: May 19, 2015

May can only mean one thing… Wedding Season is here!!! I don’t know wether to do a crazy Taylor Swift happy dance or cower in the corner of my closet. I feel both of them. Any wedding photographers out there relate??

Like most months for us, this past one has been a crazy one. We traveled to Europe and we moved back to Maine. Two pretty big things I would say…

Here’s a little rundown of all that April and this much of May had in store for us:

  • Since we were living in the Outer Banks of NC all winter, we needed to find a place up here in Portland for the upcoming wedding season. We see Maine as our home even though we are always going every-which-a-way. We are rooted here for the spring summer and fall every year so its our place. We needed a roof over our heads though. In three days near the end of April we drove up here, looked at 10 apartments, signed for one, and drove back to the Outer Banks to keep working.
  • Right before our trip to Iceland, we drove back up here with all our winter belongings, put them in our storage unit (what would we do without that thing) and parked our car at the bus station, rode to Boston, and flew to Iceland, vacationed, fly back, rode the bus back to Portland, spent the night in a hotel here, and then moved into our new apartment the next day.


Other things we did:

  • We started using YNAB for our finances. Anyone else out there use this software? We’d love to know your experience.
  • A ton of our weddings and engagements were featured on blogs, which we share on our Instagram for you. Follow us ok? @bethanyanddan
  • We got a flat tire while driving over a 5 mile bridge. It was scary.
  • We have been going through all our stuff and giving away a TON of it to Goodwill. Something just clicked in us this winter that revealed a deep desire to edit down all that we own. This new apartment is what I like to call “Our Thumbelina Home” since it is teeeeny tiny. We cant fit hardly anything here and a lot has to stay in storage. It was a great encourager to go through everything. Its a process and it will take us all summer I bet, but it already feels better to have donated at least 4 carloads of stuff and we’ve only just begun.

So suffice it to say we are tired and happy and ready for this upcoming season.

2015-04-17 13.16.46-1

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