Life Lately List: October 1, 2014

Its October!!! That’s awesome. I am so excited about fall and all that goes with it. I dont care how #basic that is.

Last month was nuts, if you’re asking me to sum it up in a nutshell. (haha) We were out of town 3 of the 4 weeks of September. We spend 2 weeks at our trailer by the sea in NC and then we spent a week in San Diego. We traveled so much that being home was a luxury that we relished in. Isn’t is funny how that flip flops. I guess you always want what you dont have in the moment. I say we should flip flop THAT!

A few details of the past month and what we are looking forward to this month:

  • This month we are photographing 5 weddings and its going to be cray-cray.
  • Dan and I both got fitbit’s and are looking forward to seeing how we can beat the calories in vs calories out. Can I tell you how lame it is to spend the day at the computer and realize how few steps you took that day. Not cool. Here’s to a 2 month jump on all the “lose weight” New Year’s Resolutions.
  • Im feeling like our blog has been full of only pictures and not full of my heart. Im a little torn between revving up my personal blog again and just blogging here. What do you guys think? Should this all just be wedding photography related and put more personal posts elsewhere?? So torn.
  • San Diego rules. Put it on your “to-visit” list. I was a huge fan. We were there to photograph an event where Jewel was performing. My eighth grade self was freaking out a little bit.
  • I turn 31 in 31 days.

2014-08-31 18.31.31-2

2014-09-24 10.21.19

2014-09-25 21.07.18-1

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Hey there!

This is a photo of me in a burger bar in Stockholm Sweden. I am about to drink the best beer I have ever had. It's a pretty important photo of me. I just remember feeling filled with joy and so so glad to be alive. That's a good place to start on getting to know me.


I like to travel.

I like beer.

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