Life Lately: March 1, 2013

MARCH!!! March is HERE! Isn’t March the month that we can start imagining it’s April, which is essentially May, which is practically almost Summer! Yay! February held some pretty epic days this past year, the best of which was the Best Wednesday Ever, as it will forever be known in our home. It also held the day of the Blizzard! And the day we gave up drinking for Lent. And the day I decided to finally do those things I have been putting off my whole life basically. More on all of that below:

  • The Best Wednesday Ever: As I confessed earlier, I am a workaholic. I have been actively changing that in my life and one of those steps was to have the best wednesday ever. Dan and I turned off our computers and cell phones, (all the way off) and kept em that way for 24 hours. We hung out, ate out, watched movies, and just had fun! There was no work done whatsoever and the only thing that we did was enjoy our day. I spent the whole day more relaxed and legitimately more happy. It is no lie.
  • Nemo came and went, and left us with a TON of snow, which I throughly enjoyed… from inside.
  • Valentines Day in Newburyport
  • We were eating dinner at our dinner table on “Fat Tuesday” and I asked Dan if he wanted to give anything up for Lent. We are not Catholic, but I appreciate the sentiment since we are Christians and we always need to remind ourselves of Jesus and what he did and what he means and that we love him. So… that night we took shots. ha! We laughed, drank, got a little tipsy, and gave up alcohol for Lent. Jesus doesn’t need it from us, but we need it for him. So… we’ve been dry since then. PS… we will be breaking Lent on our Anniversary Trip. So theres that.
  • I embarked on a huge project in February, that had us sorting through all our paper files, which led us to the boxes of paper scraps and photos and cards and notes and letters and college memories and childhood memories and more and more… that we had been holding on to forever. We touched and sorted each and every piece of paper in our house. Im not kidding. We recycled a lot, shredded a lot, and kept a lot. Now everything has a home and we can actually reminisce whenever we want, and know where to go and look to do that. It was seriously rewarding… and romantic! Who doesn’t want to look through a keepsake box from their wedding right?
  • I also started a 5 days a week for three weeks yoga journey. I’ve been toying with the idea of really committing  and being a yogi is one of my new years resolutions for myself, so thanks to my groupon almost expiring … I signed up for a ton of classes that dont take refunds if you miss. Im in this and Im excited… and Im sweating and crying.Thanks to a suggestion by Ashley Goodwin, I am also reading 40 Days to Personal Revolution by Baron Baptiste along with my journey. I’ll keep you posted.

Have an awesome March!!! I KNOW we will… since we are traveling a lot. Charleston, Raleigh, and Puerto Rico!!!

Comment with something you are going to organize this week that you have been putting off and one commenter will win this months Starbucks gift card!

Contest is closed. The winner is Kristin House! Congrats Kristin… now get to work on that paper pile.

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