For Photographers: Balance, Focus, and Gratefulness

Time for a little reminder, if not for anyone but myself. Make sure to remain balanced, focused, and grateful.

Its this time of year when, as photographers, we can feel like we are running as fast as we can in front of a freight train of work, trying to not be overcome by the weight of all the things we need to keep afloat. It’s really easy to go to the office and not leave until you realize the sun has already set! I remember before Dan was full-time with me, I would forget to eat lunch, stay in my pajamas all day, and sit at the computer long enough my feet would sometimes fall asleep. That is ALL KINDS of not healthy. With no one to remind you to be a human, you can just work work work this time of year, staying ahead of falling behind. So this is me…. reminding you, (and me)!

Balance: When was the last time you sat down and really thought about what is important to you in life. What are your priorities? Who, what, and where do you care about? Have you paid attention to that this month? At the beginning of this year Dan and I sat down and talked about our values and what we hold dear. It’s really daily challenge to keep those in mind and try to keep them all in a place of prominence in our lives, no matter how busy we are with our business tasks. Take a look at what you are filling your days with and what you are spending your time on. Make SURE that your values, and your priorities are each given the attention they deserve in this busy season.

Focus: You don’t need me to tell you to chill out with social media a little bit. Im not talking about maintaining your online presence for your business. What Im referring to is editing 50 photos and then scrolling mindlessly through your newsfeed. I read in an article recently that scrolling mindlessly through your Facebook feed has been proven to increase feelings of isolation. How is that ever a good thing, especially considering how isolating working from home can feel! Its not as if it’s a bad thing to keep your clients happy with prompt image return and speedy email and fabulously quirky social media posts. That is what we should be doing as business owners. We need to keep that kind of respect to our clients at a high place of focus in our daily tasks. Try to spend more time focusing on quality work time, focused on what you need to get done. That will not only improve your works quality BUT you will be finished sooner! That means better turn-around time, better work, and… more time for balancing the previously mentioned values and priorities!

Gratefulness: This is the biggest one that I believe we all need to remember this time of year. I have caught myself more than once being annoyed with the seemingly endless amount of work that never stops piling up. It reminds me of that part in Sword and the Stone when Arthur is asked to do ALL those dishes and its just never ending. That ok though. If you really think about it, all this work we have on our plates it actually due to having a successful business! We are busy because lots of couples have asked us to photograph their wedding days! We have tons of emails to answer because… people are emailing us! Remember, if you were not busy right now, you would be praying for an email, wishing for a couple to photograph, wondering what you could do to increase your income! Don’t lose sight of why you are busy and be very very thankful for it. That’s the whole idea of owning a business!

The waves have been nice the past two days and the images are from this morning… early! Dan went out for some waves (and to take some photos) because being on the water is on of his values. Balance ya’ll!

Higgins 9.18.2014 0041

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