Working it 2011

In case you haven’t had the pleasure of being photographed by us at your wedding or portrait session, here’s a little sneak peek on what you can expect.

We are never the only photographers! That is a good thing. Don’t you just love to see all your guests photos too? So many different takes on the day. Sometimes I wish I could do a wedding with just my iPhone and see all the sweet images that I can capture. 

I thanked Dan a million times over for doing these shots because even just looking at this carousel shot makes me queasy!

Clearly we were TIRED after a session in the city. Thanks to the T, we could reflect that for you.

I just love this shot of Dan because let’s face it, he makes a HOT photographer. WIN!

Yes. Perilous.

Laying down in glass in Brooklyn.

MBTA photos are illegal I think. 

Whew! Putting on the coat after a beach wedding. How in the world does my hair still look relatively nice?

Standing in to test the light for Portraits

A rare red-headed Bethany photo!

It takes a lot to get Lola to pose for Instagram!

Dan dipping me on the dance floor! Rachel, our assistant photographer snagged this shot one second before we fell down. Gotta love it right?

Creeper. No other way to look at this one.

Good God! I have gone insane.

 So there you have it. Dan and I are clumsy, happy, committed, and there for your shot. Just say the word.