Warren Vermont Wedding: Brianne and Sean

Brianne and Sean took a risk and planned their wedding for the top of a ski mountain in beautiful Vermont. For the second time in our photography career, a ski mountain-top wedding was rained out and the rain plan was enacted. The last time was at Brittany and Jim’s wedding.  Luckily though, like at any rain wedding, they rolled with the punches, had fantastic attitudes, and the backup plan was lovely! The guys played video games until the last moments before the ceremony and the ladies did what ladies do, primp and laugh and toast to the day! The ceremony was not long after the supreme court ruling on marriage equality and Brianne and Sean chose to use a quote about marriage from that historic day as party of their wedding ceremony. It was beautiful.

Once the party got underway, it was on! The dancing and music were so fun and we were sweating right along with the guests. You can count on Bostonian’s to bring a good dance party wherever they go.

The Groom gets ready in Vermont The groomsmen play games before the ceremony The groom making sure his tie is on right The bride gets ready The bride touching up makeup Just the bride The bride making sure her hair is just right The bride putting the finishing touches on At the ceremony The ceremony location The bridal party having fun The couple The bride and groom having fun The bride and groom and the mountain The bride and groom and the valley The couple The first dance The bride and groom listening to the speeches The maid of honor giving a speech The receptionDancing Dancing The bride and groom on the dance floor The bride on the dance floor Almost finished with her beer Having fun on the dance floorDancing

Venue: Sugarbush Resort  |  Florist: A Schoolhouse Garden  |  Cake:  Sweet Simone’s

Hair: Kerry Armstrong  |  Makeup: Beatriz Jarvis  |  Gown: Allure Bridals

 Band: Fever

Amanda and Ian’s Sugarbush Vermont Wedding

I loved every single thing about this wedding. It was SO pretty!!! Two people who are both so kind and welcoming had a classy and classic destination wedding in the mountains of Vermont. Hailing from NYC, they brought their favorite people with them to this gorgeous setting. We were so glad to be there too!

The ladies took a very un-rushed and casual approach to the day, getting ready, dancing, laughing, and cheer-sing the morning away. I can’t speak for the guys but I know it felt like a sleepover/slumber party in the ladies getting ready area. When we were ready to go we headed to the church and Amanda walked straight down the aisle in a matter of moments. Ian was waiting right there with his cute smile on his face. There was a collective gasp when she walked in… I mean… LOOK at her, and that DRESS!!! They even had a Bishop there to help in the ceremony, her great uncle Monseor Juan Antonio Flores (who sadly passed away mere days after the wedding).

After the ceremony, we headed into the Vermont wilds to take family photos, bridal party photos, and photos of just the two of them. It was calm and quiet and just the way we like to do it. No distractions, just us, them, and a gorgeous backdrop, (I know that makes every photographer jealous, myself included). Once we had the images that we loved, we all headed back to Sugarbush for a party of dancing dancing dancing!!

Amanda and Ian Wedding 0095 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0069 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0102

Amanda and Ian Wedding 0025 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0120 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0183 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0202 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0204 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0227Amanda and Ian Wedding 0252 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0259 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0408 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0445 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0450 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0472Amanda and Ian Wedding 0504 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0521 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0537 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0546 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0574 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0592Amanda and Ian Wedding 0619 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0627 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0637 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0643 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0658Amanda and Ian Wedding 0818 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0841 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0874 Amanda and Ian Wedding 0962 Amanda and Ian Wedding 1015 Amanda and Ian Wedding 1106Amanda and Ian Wedding 1141Amanda and Ian Wedding 1170Amanda and Ian Wedding 1016 Amanda and Ian Wedding 1178

Venue: Sugarbush Resort  |  Ceremony: Our Lady of the Snows Church  |  Gown: Tara Keeley by Lazarro

Florist: A Schoolhouse Garden  |  Cake: Sweet Simone’s

Hair: Kristi Bright  |  Makeup: Top 5 Management

DJ: Willam Cutting

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Pat and Amanda’s Sugarbush VT Wedding

Pat and Amanda… the couple we were late to their 6:00am engagement session for… sigh. Answering the phone that morning in my pajamas sent my blood to run cold. We felt so bad we believed they would hate us forever. On the contrary, Pat and Amanda are gracious, forgiving, and just too in love to worry about that kind of thing. I can assure you were were there the night BEFORE their wedding.

God was blessing this day with some sprinkles and best of all, a majestic overcast sky. It was was ridiculously beautiful in Vermont that weekend, and it was hard not to believe it was that way just for the wedding of Pat and Amanda. As you will see, the landscape was over the top lovely and the couple was rivaling that with their looks. Despite a hot church with no a/c, the ceremony was respectful and beautiful. We went up to the top of a mountain for the portraits and it was worth the drive, let me tell you. Afterwards we all headed to their reception at the Sugarbush Resort, where we danced the night away.

Ceremony:  Our Lady of the Snows  |   Reception Venue and Catering: Sugarbush Resort  |   Florist: A School House Garden

Make-up Artist: Michelle at AfterGlow Salon   |   Ceremony Music: James Kinne   |   Reception Music: PULSE

Videographer: Alice Wedding Video Productions   | Gown: Plumed Serpent