The gift that started it all

In the midst of ALL the shopping and hustle and bustle I thought it might be nice to share a story about one of the best gifts that I have ever been given.

In the realm of physical and tangible gifts, there are a lot of awesome ones that I have been given in my lifetime. For example, for my birthday a few years ago, my mother-in-law gave me a soda stream, which changed my life. My mom always gives me incredible handmade gifts that I should totally tell you about sometime soon, like a huge quilt, or a cookbook from all the people I love. As much as these gifts are and will continue to be amazing, I want to tell you about the gift that started it all, Dan giving me my D80.

Right after we were married, I mentioned my frustration with the point and shoot camera that I had. I was starting to outgrow it. Sure it worked and took decent photos, but I knew that the photos that I was imagining were just not achievable for me with that camera. Being dramatic, as I always am, I told him that the best present that I could ever be given would be a DSLR. I would finally be able to really dig in to taking photographs that were in my head. This was just a 30 second conversation in the car that I forgot about probably within 6 hours.

One day, maybe about 3 months later, on a non-holiday, non-birthday day, Dan handed me a cardboard shipping box. Inside was a Nikon D80. He said that I told him once that it was the best present anyone could ever give me so he thought he should probably go ahead and give one to me. I was blown away. I cried, (obviously) and then fell in love with him all over again. To know that he supported the desires of my heart meant more to me than I was ever able to tell him, even to this day. In those days, the idea of owning a photography business wasn’t even on our radar. All I wanted was to enjoy taking photographs just because I loved it. He wanted me to have that experience so he made it happen. It makes me cry if I ever allow myself to think about it too much. Ha! Of course we have since upgraded to make sure we are wedding ready, but our secret is that we take the D80 to every single wedding. I have never used it at a wedding, but we have it there… or perhaps I should say I have it there. It’s a symbol to me. A symbol of true love, that love that my Dan has for me. I think that it something worth being reminded of while we are shooting weddings. That’s why she’s always in the bag.

Anyway, that night we went out to our favorite pizza place, Amedeo’s, and I told our server how amazing Dan was. I took photos of the parmesan shaker. I took photos of Dan. I took photos of the sky. I took photos of Amedeo’s. I took photos of us.

I haven’t stopped since.


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This is a photo of me in a burger bar in Stockholm Sweden. I am about to drink the best beer I have ever had. It's a pretty important photo of me. I just remember feeling filled with joy and so so glad to be alive. That's a good place to start on getting to know me.


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