The “Life Lately” List: April 3, 2012

Here is the short list of what has been going on here lately at Bethany & Dan Photography:

1. Taxes: Arrggg…. living in “Tax-achusetts” is no cake walk. Can we keep some of that money please? No? Fine. Ok then.

2. Spring Cleaning: What a great feeling it is to have a spotless house. I would like to know what that feels like once. I am getting close with all the spring cleaning that I have been doing around this place. It’s shocking what the winter can do to an apartment. Having a dog and a husband doesn’t always help with pristine environments either. Thankfully my dog doesn’t really shed and my husband helps clean. Here’s to having a sparkling tub and crystal clear windows. We also went through all our clothes and donated a ton of them. I love having a nicely organized dresser and closet, especially since we only have one dresser and a traditionally small sized New England closet to share between the two of us. (You read that right).

3. Hair cuts: Dan’s got a short do again! I have not seen it this short since 2008, which was a while ago. My hippie surfer dude is now a secret hippie surfer dude. He looks cute and younger! I told him I’d love it either way, and I do. I just got a trim, and no one noticed. I feel like its 5 inches shorter but it really isn’t.

4. New diets: Dan started us on a vegan diet two months ago and it’s actually not that bad, (which I can barely believe I am saying, but I am). We aren’t perfect by any means, but we sure do feel better. I miss fried eggs the most but I can have them occasionally when we are “bad.” Thank goodness beer is vegan. This month Dan wants to cut out all sugar, which I cant argue with… wait… yes I can! Come here you sweet Ritter Sport with Butter Biscuit… now!

5. Tying up all the lose ends: Wedding season is practically here. When I look to the left, here at my desk, I see my sweet DIY Paint Chip Calendar, and We have weddings coming up soon. We are getting those sensors cleaned, those camera cards reformatted and everything in place for wedding #1 of 2012 and we couldn’t be more excited.


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