For Couples: The value of an engagement session

Q. Why should we do an engagement session?

A. We get this question more often than not and I believe that there really is a high value in them. There are certain circumstances where it would be very inconvenient for a couple to come here for a session, for example, they live across the country, but for even relatively local couples, we think they are imperative. There are a few reasons for this. First, we get to meet each other! A large percentage of our couples book us online. Being able to give the bride a hug and hear her voice is something that is important to me and I’m sure it is important to her as well. Secondly, our couples learn how Dan and I work, and how we are in action. It’s a big deal and easily overlooked. Couples also learn that it’s not so hard to be photographed.. and perhaps even fun. Who would have thought?

Better than me answering this question myself, I thought I would ask some of our couples about it!

Shelley and Justin

“I was really skeptical about engagement pictures before we worked with dan and bethany.  Their laid back and collaborative style meant that our pictures weren’t just another cliche but were really great natural pictures of us.  Also, having such greatengagement pictures took a lot of the pressure off on the wedding day, because we knew we already had a collection of pictures that we loved.  Finally, despite my initial doubts, dan and bethany gave us a great gift in our engagement pictures because we will have at least one set of really great pics to show our kids.” – Shelley 




  Pat and Amanda

“The engagement session was really helpful for us because we needed the practice being in front of the camera! Pat usually hates getting his picture taken, but he became really comfortable shortly into the session and feels better about having to take wedding photos next year. After seeing the photos, we also learned what to do and not do next time! We also just had a great time in general, and have used some of our favorite engagement photos as Christmas presents and decorations for our apt.” -Amanda 





Kristin and Will

“I’ll admit it, we were skeptical of doing an engagement session for many reasons; however, we are extremely confident that we made the right decision to go through with it! The session gave us the opportunity to meet and work with Bethany and Dan before our wedding day. Now that we know we jive well with them and adore their photos of us, we not only feel comfortable with them documenting the most important day of our lives… we are beyond excited for it! Another perk of the engagement shoot is that we have amazing photos of us in a setting much more natural than the tux and gown we will be wearing on our wedding day!”- Kristin 




Dave and Lindy

“After having had our engagement session on Tuesday, my entire outlook is different. I’m not sure I understand why it’s important, but I certainly feel blessed to have had one, and to have had it with Dave – and you guys!  I NEVER thought about this stuff before I started having to plan wedding that involved more than someone’s backyard. I feel like the engagement session, for me, was a chance to capture what Dave and I have between us, and it was especially important to show where we have lived our three years together. Where we laughed (garden) and where, most likely, I’ve cried (waterfront). It’ll be nice to have nice photos of us celebrating each other and who we are just sort of running around…photos are that are not in front of famous landmarks, that weren’t taken with one of our own outstretched arms, or taken in a frenzy by a stranger who speaks another language (although that’s fun, too). These are focused on us…and as much as I don’t want people to go out of their way for us for our wedding, I’m excited to have the spirit and essence of the two of us captured in photos. I hope! We can’t stop talking about how the experience of being together, being close and being in the city was just so special for us. Plus, I can use great photos for Save The Dates. AND it was good practice for the wedding day having cameras around.” – Lindy

“I think I’d say the engagement photos are helpful for a few reasons. It helps couples get comfortable posing together for the camera, something most couples probably have not had experience doing. It also helps the couple and the photographers get acquainted. Each gets a sense of the other’s energy and personality, things that are key in producing more natural looking photos. Another important thing about the engagement session is it gives the future b&g the opportunity to get great quality photos taken in a much more relaxed context than the actual wedding day where everything seems to run on a tight schedule.” – Dave


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