Valentines Day is for Lovers

Valentines Day gets a lot of hatin’ and I’m not one to say it’s my absolute favorite holiday, however… I do like that idea of celebrating love. I like the notion of setting aside a day, where you intentionally take time to focus on your boyfriend, fiance, husband… heck, your CRUSH! I believe you should focus on them every day, no doubt, but there is nothing wrong with doing it today in a little or a big way.

Today I want to tell you how awesome my man is. Stop here if you’re one of those Valentine’s Day Haters, (but why are you reading a WEDDING photography blog… just asking?).

Dan Cox is the husband that I prayed for. He really is, specifically. I can remember sitting by Kings Creek on the campus of my alma mater, Brevard College, and PRAYING for my future husband. I was crying, feeling really lonely and not good enough. The only thing that I knew I wanted to do at that time, was to open up a kayaking shop, (and we will open that Kayak shop one day). I wanted to fall in love with a Christian man, who loved kayaking as much as I did, and had a degree in business. Dan… is all of those things. That is just the beginning though.

I met Dan a month after I graduated college. He was so very different than anyone I knew, much less anyone I had loved before. Meeting him was like jumping into a clear mountain lake. It was the most refreshing experience I have ever had in my life before and since. It was like smelling citrus and drinking iced lemonade on a perfect weather day with all the time in the world ahead of you. I had finally found that feeling of KNOWING that my mother had spoken about all my life.

He was…the one.

The way I knew was simple. There was nothing that had ever compared to him. I had nothing that I could compare him to in my past, but he still felt like home. It was like imagining your dream house, looking at your key ring, and somehow having a key to the front door. He was exactly what the Lord had been keeping for me all my life. There he was.

And here he still is.

Happy Valentines Day Baby! I stinkin’ LOVE you. I always will.


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