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If you haven’t heard yet about 31 Bits, today is your lucky day!! 31 Bits is a “Humanity-Love-Empowering-Fighting-Overcoming-Poverty-Woman-Business-Intelligence-Heartfelt” Project cleverly disguised as a Jewelry Store. If you took Caroline’s recent guest blog post to heart, you are in the right mindset to start understanding how amazing 31 Bits really is. Give Back! Help Others! Share the love! Be good to your fellow humans! Make your wedding more than a day all about you!

31 Bits is a great place to start ladies!


“31 Bits Designs is a socially minded business designed to give internally displaced women in Northern Uganda an opportunity to counter poverty. By giving our beneficiaries access to the international market, they are able to earn an instant income, providing homes, food, and education for their families. Our program equips women by providing literacy education, financial and vocational training, holistic care, and strong support systems, empowering individuals to further their careers and attain social equity.”

Now THAT is something I can get behind. I have a lovely 31 bits necklace myself and I have to say, I wear it all the time. I love it! First off, I love that it looks nice, yet casual, pretty, yet a tad hippie, and I can rock it in almost any setting Im in. I have the pink Luna necklace. It may be my first, but it is definitely not going to be my last. Im digging on the bracelets since I never wear them but would like to start AND I have the headband on the way to my house right now because in my secret exciting world where I wear things like that, (which is not my real world sadly), I have decided to take the plunge and be the inner hippie that I really am. –that was a mouthful eh?

So let’s dig in shall we?


First read this which will make you fall in love with this company: commonly asked questions

Next, meet Alli, who was kind enough to help elaborate a little bit more so I could share with you all more of the heart and humanity of what makes this company.

What is your specific role in 31 Bits, just so we know who we are hearing from? I’m a co-founder, and the Director of Marketing for 31 Bits.

Can you tell us a little bit about your growth so far as a company? We started in 2008, with 6 women in Uganda. We now have 110 ladies in our program, who are all in education and business courses, and this year our first round of women will be graduating and starting small businesses of their own! We have an amazing staff in Uganda and in the US, and are in over 300 stores internationally.

Who do you think is your biggest fan; the women in Uganda or the women who can purchase and benefit from the act of helping others? Wow, that’s an interesting question! It’s hard to answer, because it’s two very different worlds. I would have to say the women in Uganda, because they’re the ones who’s lives are being directly impacted. They’re now able to provide for their families, send their children to school, and dream for their futures. It’s such an exciting time over there!

How have you been getting the word out to the women in Uganda? Every way we can! We’ve been blessed to have been featured on several TV shows, magazines, newspapers, fashion blogs, and more. We have a house party program thats been a huge hit, and such a fun way for women to get involved and share our story. We’ll send them a box of jewelry, videos, postcards, and tons of tools for the set up. It’s so fun to get our community involved!

I love the story of how you came up with a name for the company. Proverbs 31 is a powerful, (and commonly misunderstood) chapter in the Bible. You are empowering this women and helping them provide for their families! It is powerful, just like God made us. Do you think that these women, and their own growth, are teaching and helping you more than you are helping them?  Absolutely! Every week we have a team meeting in which Kallie, our Director of Involvement, shares with us a “Story of Change” in which we hear about the ways our ladies are impacting their families and community as a whole. Their love for God and for each other is incredible, and inspires and encourages us every single day!

What is your current obsession in the spring line that just came out? I know I have a favorite… My favorite is a toss between the Orchid Loop and the Windsor necklace… but I honestly love them all!! I’m a big fan of arm candy, I love mixing and matching my Bits bracelets with gold bangles.

If everyone who read this only remembered one thing from the conversation, what would you want them to hang on to? To LOVE life. Love your community, love God, and love where you’re headed. When our actions are rooted in love, big things happen!


Now to jumpstart your giving back moment, why not buy yourself a 31 Bits piece!?! Heck, why not buy one for each of your bridesmaids, your mom, and your future mother-in-law! (and the flower girls, and your groom’s sister, and your…. the list can go on!)

To help with your moment, 31 Bits graciously offered a coupon code just for you! It won’t last long so copy and paste this baby, and go get yourself some 15% off poverty fighting glamorousness: BETHANYDAN

Photography by Trever Hoehne

Indentity from 31 Bits on Vimeo.

The video is a collaborative work between Nick Fetner and Join The Lights.

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