Vendor Spotlight: Alaina Marie

Happy Holidays everyone! I’m stoked to share this post with you today since it’s been a couple months in the making! Back in the early fall, I met up with Alaina, the founder of Alaina Marie. We sipped on coffee and chatted about small business ownership and how cray cray life can be. We dreamed up this blog post for you guys too since we both think these bags would make perfect wedding party gifts. Please enjoy my little interview with her and some photos I took of her and her adorable shop right in the heart of the Old Port here in Portland Maine.

Alaina Marie Bait Bags MaineAlaina Marie Bait Bags MaineAlaina Marie Bait Bags MaineAlaina Marie Bait Bags MaineTell us about the beginnings of the Alaina Marie bait bag.

When I made my first bait bag, it was completely inspired by the tools and materials lobstermen use to fish. I saw a lobsterman’s bait bag which is made from this bright plastic netting and I thought hmmm, that is cute and obviously super durable; I want to recreate it into a useable bag of my own. So I did…and the rest is history.

Was there ever a moment where you felt like this might not work? How did you push through that?

Honestly, no. Things with my business happened so quickly that I didn’t even have time to think of that. Alaina Marie became a business before I even knew it was one.

Do you have “pinch me moments” when you look at how far you’ve come so quickly?

Every single day! I think back at the day I had the idea to do this and can’t believe it was only 3 years ago. If you had told me in that amount of time I would have grown through 2 stores, had ample local press, sold my products to 2 major retailers (J.Crew & Anthropologie) and have a staff of 5, I would have NEVER believed you!

Alaina Marie Bait Bags MaineAlaina Marie Bait Bags MaineAlaina Marie Bait Bags Maine

Alaina Marie Bait Bags Maine

Whats a regular day like for you as the #girlboss at Alaina Marie?

There is no regular day! Every single day is different. I literally can’t even plan my days out because something will come up and take priority. I am always shifting my focus and changing my days around to get the job done. It’s not easy running a retail store, manufacturing studio, a staff, all the while keeping up with the design of our next line and trying to maintain an organized flow. Because of this though, I LOVE my job and couldn’t even dream of doing anything else. Every day is an adventure.

How do you choose the colors for the screen printing and the fabric?

We try and keep up with fashion trends while maintaining true to our brand. It is so important for me to stick to the integrity behind our brand and that means being creative and unique while also providing a product that is on trend and something people will want to buy.

Alaina Marie Bait Bags Maine

What inspires you to keep pushing and creating new items and idea for the business? (I’m so coveting that tote right now by the way)

I get a high on creating. Ever since I was a little girl, l have loved to design and create new things. Whether it’s a new print for our collection or a newly designed bag (check out our brand new bait bag tote!) I get so much satisfaction and sense of accomplishment when we finish a collection.

Since a lot of brides read our blog, what would you recommend from the current line for them to use as bridesmaids gifts?

Our bait bag wallets make perfect bridesmaid gifts! These are are best selling bait bag and are the perfect size for everyday. They can be customized as well which is a nice option for brides to mimic their wedding colors or mix and match colors to create a unique custom gift that reflects each of her bridesmaids personalities.

Alaina Marie Bait Bags MaineAlaina Marie Bait Bags Maine

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