Vendor Spotlight: Amorium Jewelry

Today I get to introduce you to a fun jewelry line that I think would be perfect for our brides and bridesmaids. Amorium Jewelry is based out of NYC and were kind enough to not only be interviewed, but also send me two pieces to have and review AND are sharing a coupon code to all our readers! A pretty damn cool post am I right? Make sure to read all the way to the end so get your 30% off coupon code.

Let’s start things off with an interview with Sakine, the Creative Director of Amorium.

by kevin karakalpakidis

Photo by Kevin Karakalpakidis

So we can get ourselves acquainted, tell us a little about who you are and your role at the company.

My name is Sakine Gulec and I am the creative director of Amorium. I am originally from Istanbul and have been living in USA for 8 years. Ever since I was a child I was always amazed by jewelry and created my own designs. I have founded Amorium 5 years ago in Miami and moved the head quarters to NY in 2013.

Here is a bit more about Amorium:

Amorium is a jewelry brand that offers a dynamic line of delicate and modern handcrafted jewelry. Our jewelry is recognized by its delicateness and modern design that convey a trendy yet timeless sensibility.

Amorium offers an alternative to the current fast fashion trend by making jewelry that is designed to last both in style and durability. Each necklace, bracelet, earring, ear cuff, and ring is designed in NYC and handcrafted by master silversmiths using traditional Aegean techniques. Each piece gets the love it deserves so that it can be worn with love for years.

Amorium was established in 2012 as a jewelry label. Our delicate and modern pieces, designed to be lasting, became a favorite with women everywhere. Our products are now available online and in hundreds of boutiques around the world.

The jewelry is designed right in NYC.

Tell us a little about your designers.

All of our jewelry is designed in house by Sakine and handcrafted using old Aegean Techniques. We are proud to produce jewelry that is modern and delicate which represents the old techniques that was used by silversmiths.

You mentioned that the pieces are handcrafted using the Aegean techniques. For those of us not in the jewelry biz, what does that mean exactly?

It means that each piece is produced with hand, we do not use machines at our production. Each stones are getting hand set, polished individually and plated individually. None of our pieces are exactly identical due to this process.

A lot of the pieces seems to be right on trend or even at the cusp. Is that a focus for your business?

Yes, we specialize in up to minute jewelry pieces that is designed to last in style and durability. Our clientele is young and they are right on trend and they do want to wear the newest trends.

The two pieces that I have are definitely wearable and not only that, FUN to wear. I received compliments throughout the day when I wore them at a recent wedding. What is your vision for the jewelry, as in what context do you imagine them being worn and by whom?

Our pieces are very delicate and modern, they can be worn by trendy fashionistas everywhere. I do wear my ear cuffs when I attend weddings or when I go out and I do wear our dot necklaces and evil eye band rings every day even when I go to the gym.

Do you have a bridal line or a set that you think is particularly perfect for the modern bride?

We do not have a bridal line however we have pieces that the brides and bridesmaids prefer:

For bridesmaids
Bezel cuff
Heart necklace

For brides
Baguette necklace
Drop leaves cuff
Bubble cuff

Newly engaged:
Engagement necklace
Infinity necklace

What do you usually eat for breakfast?
I always start my day early and with a vegetable juice.
If our readers just had one weekend in NYC and wanted a relaxing chill experience, where would you send them?

I would recommend them to bike along the west side highway and have brunch at a west village at a cozy place like WallFlower or Meme. For the sunset I would recommend them to go a rooftop such as Soho House or Jimmy’s and finish the night with jazz and a nice cocktail at Rose Bar.

Favorite Documentary?

James Burke – Connections

One place on your bucket list you are dreaming of visiting?

Bali and surfing in Bali are on my bucket list.

After that interview I feel like a NYC visit, and putting on some sweet jewelry, (Right now I’ve only got my wedding ring and my everyday necklace on but I think my ear’s need some baubles!)

I also had the opportunity to wear and then review two pieces from Amorium. Heck yes! They sent me the Bubble cuff as well as the Lucky Hand Necklace.

Amorium Jewelry

The lucky hand necklace was one that I picked out myself, since Ive been seeing the evil eye in jewelry everywhere! There is a lot of meaning behind both the evil eye, as well as the hamsa, so read up on those links. In person, the necklace is so pretty. There is a good weight to it which I like because it stays in place at the bottom of the chain. The quality is on point you guys. Nothing feels like its going to break of pop off. I adore all the detail and color  as well. If I could change one thing, it would be the chain length. It was almost like a choker on me and I tend to wear necklaces that are much longer. If it really bothers me I can just replace the chain, but for now Im trying to work this shorter length.Amorium Jewelry

The bubble cuffs are amaze. These were sent along with the necklace like a little sparkly bonus! My personal style is simple and basic clothes, with interesting and fun/funky/creative/unique accessories. These cuff are PERFECT for that. I adore that they are simple and elegant while still having that little something special and unique. On the ear, they look unexpected but also elegant somehow? I felt super cool with them on and feel like they can cross the boundary of everyday coolness AND dressy events. Definitely a fave for me AND of thee very few pieces of jewelry I keep on the boat with me, these are one of them. They are just that good. There is a little learning curve with putting them on but Amorium sends a little how-to card along with them so you’ll be fine.Amorium JewelryAmorium JewelryHere’s a pic of me wearing both pieces at a recent wedding, where I really did get quite a few compliments on them! Impressive. Amorium Jewelry

Now what you’ve all been waiting for!!!! The 30% off coupon for Amorium!

Use the code: bethanydan for 30% off at checkout. Happy Shopping!

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