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We are so excited to share the first Vendor Spotlight of 2016 with you today!!! I’ve had my eye on this vendor for years and just now worked up the courage to reach out to them and ask for an interview. The guys could not have been nicer and Im stoked to brag on them today. Brackish is a Charleston SC based business that makes mens accessories from FEATHERS yall!! Just LOOK at these beauties. If you want to make your groom (or yourself as the groom) pop, this is where you need to shop. (<—- dropping the rhymes for you). I’ve been dying to photograph someone wearing these beauts for a long time and I just felt like I had to tell you guys about it so that we can make that photo happen! Please enjoy my interview with Ben of Brackish!
Group Shot_10.9.15 (4)Lets get acquainted a little bit! I know your story is on your site but can you give us the quick and dirty about who you are and how this business got started?
I am from Columbia SC and I gave them to my groomsmen back 2007 as their gift to be worn in my wife and my wedding; I made them after that for about three years and Jeff had the vision to see that the idea and product could be more; so we decided to partner up and create Brackish.  If not for Jeff’s drive, determination and vision Brackish wouldn’t be what it is today.  Jeff and I are going on 20 years of being best friends and it is something that he and I are so thankful for is that out of a friendship came this company; b/c that is what Brackish is all about Family, Friends and a love and appreciation for all wild places and things.
Lifestyle_3.22.13 (62)What’s the best thing about having a business with your BFF?
The best thing about having a business with my best friend is that I am reminded of how incredibly lucky I am to have him in my life and to have had him in my life for 20 years.  He is an amazing business man and I love having the opportunity to see him thrive and succeed in what he does on a daily basis.  He has a passion for his friends and family just as I do and we are both new fathers and he is a wonderful husband and father and I am most proud of him for that.  He inspires me to be creative and is a driving force for me to be the best I can be at anything I do and I am fortunate to be able to call him my friend.
So tell us about how you create these incredible pieces of art?
Using various feather layering and orientation techniques the feathers are attached to our canvas (a bowtie).  I still love designing them and rely on Mother Nature’s paint brush to do the hard work I just come up with the pairings of feathers and layout designs.  True to nature; just as no two feathers are alike, each one of our ties is a one of a kind piece of art made by some of the best artisans in the world down in Charleston SC.
In regards to “Wild Places,” why do you love natural elements, like these feathers? Are you a fisherman, hunter, explorer??
I have a passion for natural elements because there is beauty in each and every feather, rock, tree, animal, fish, etc; I mentioned Mother Nature’s paint brush earlier and to see the colors and iridescent found in various birds feathers is something to behold.  Depending on the type of light and the angle of which the light hits it and the angle you view it from I am still finding colors I have never seen before in feathers. Another reason I love natural elements is because they have a purpose both form and function. Items are shaped by conditions from which they are found and just like in life there is only one constant and that is change; natural elements are always changing and adapting to better fit or suit their environment on both short term (one life time) or for generations and that is something to behold.
I have been using feathers and working with feathers for various reasons since I was 8 or 9 years old.  I grew up tying my own flys for fly fishing and fletching my own arrows for archery. Growing up if I wasn’t in school or playing sports I was out in the woods or on the water; it has been and always will be a huge part of my life.  I find myself most at home and at peace in the woods or on the rivers, lakes, creeks or oceans.
Cummerbund_10.12.15 (6)
What is the most challenging part of the process?
We don’t see any steps in the process as challenging; we may take the opportunity to make a positive change if need be in the way we approach the situation the next time and make an adjustment; but we have been at this a while and we work with the best individuals from the farmers we get the feathers from to the retailers and customers who purchase our ties so we truly are extremely fortunate to have so many believe in what we are doing.
I can’t get over how pretty these are! Where do you sustainably source the beautiful materials, since I know thats a big deal to you guys?
It is, we purchase our feathers from farmers all across America who raise free range birds along with a couple feather suppliers out west.
There’s a lot of emphasis on the southern roots of your business. Dan and I are both originally from the South and we love that its so personal and location based. You wouldn’t mind if some of our sweet yankee clients sport them now would you?
Not at all; we have sold our ties in just about all 50 states and in 18 countries around the world; we welcome anyone to strap one on and let the conversations begin.
Hugo_4.23.14 (11)
Just because, what’s your breakfast of choice?
Depends on the day of the week; week days normally a piece of fruit and yogurt, Saturday is a sausage biscuit or pancakes and Sunday is Eggs, Grits, Bacon and Toast with Fig Preserves .
Favorite documentary?
Plant Earth
Any trips planned for 2016?
A bunch every time I go outside to the beach, lake, mountains, or woods it is an adventure.  Just like no two feathers are alike no two trips outdoors are the same.  There is always a new sight (be it a bird, animal or fish to observe a new behavior) or a smell (new flowers coming into bloom at different times of the year) or someone new to share the experience with.  Each trip is extremely special and I look forward to the next one while still holding the memories and remembering the ones of the past.

Thank you so much to these guys amiright?? The images in the post were provided by Brackish and taken by the lovely Bette Walker Photography.  Dont forget to hop over to her site too today and give a hello!

Now go and get stylish with Brackish
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