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Today we have a TREAT for you! One of our absolute favorite floral designers on the planet, Morgan Perrone of Valley Flower Company has written a post for you! Based in beautiful White River Junction, Vermont, she puts together some of the most creative, beautiful floral masterpieces we have ever worked with. Before Morgan, we didn’t even realize how jaw-dropping flowers at weddings could be! If flowers can ever look more beautiful than they do in the wild, Morgan is the person who can make that happen. Without further delay, we will pass it over to her:


Five Important Things to Consider When Sitting Down with a Potential Wedding Florist

“Flipping through countless back-issues of dog-eared Martha Stewart Weddings and spending hours on Pinterest pinning your dream wedding details is fun, and pretty dreamy if you ask me. I too, can be found fawning over images of over-stuffed centerpieces and gorgeous details. As a florist who deals with 40+ brides a year, it is so helpful to have a bride and groom come in with countless ideas and wishes for their special day, but it can also be the hardest thing having to bring a couple back down to reality. Its heartbreaking for me, and most often the bride when I have to utter the words, Im so sorry, but you cant have that”. Maybe its a seasonal issue, maybe its budgetary, but there is always something. In order to make your first meeting with a florist the most successful and fun experience (seriously, this is supposed to be fun!)here are some important things to consider when sitting down with a potential wedding florist.

Be yourself. Its always disheartening to me when I sit down with a couple and I can tell theyre holding back. I want to get to know you, I want to know what makes you laugh and what makes you happy. Also, I really want to know what you dont like. I want to know if you think the centerpiece Im suggesting is hideous, and believe me I can tell when you are lying. Also, it shouldn’t hurt a florists feelings if youre just not into it. There is no reason why you should go into a meeting thinking you have to be anything but yourself. After all, your wedding is about you guys as a couple. Personally if I knew the atmosphere I created didn’t reflect a couples personality I would be pretty disappointed in myself. I want guests to walk into a reception and automatically think; Oh man, this is so THEM! If the florist youre sitting with doesn’t find your jokes funny, doesnt engage you in casual conversation (believe me, I love talking about your dog, your funny friends and how you met!) or doesnt seem to listen when you tell them you really aren’t comfortable with something theyre proposing, then you probably are sitting with the wrong florist. I often tell brides that they should think of their vendors as somebody who they not only think understands them as a couple and has their back, but also as somebody they can see being friendly with long after their wedding.

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Research. Ask your recently married friends how much their flowers cost. Ask to see photos of their flowers. Take mental note of what you like, and even what you didnt. Granted Im sure youll get a wide range of answers based on where and when your friends were married and the style of their weddings, but ask anyway. Youll get a really good idea of how to budget for flowers. Spend some time on sites other then pinterest. While pinterest is beautiful, it gives no specifics. Photos dont tell you what month weddings took place, what’s in the arrangements or how much they cost. I often suggest spending time on floral designers blogs and on instagram pages looking at month specific posts. Not only are florists really entertaining people, youll really get a good sense of whats going on in flower world at any given specific moment, as trends are always changing! Say youre getting married in July look at what was happening in their arrangements around the time of your wedding. It doesn’t matter if you know the name of the flower youre looking at. Thats what your florist is for. Visually, what is it that makes your heart melt a little. Take note of little textures you enjoy, save photos you love (source where you got them!). While sites like Brides and TheKnot offer guides about seasonal flowers, theyre often appealing to the masses and end up being pretty generic and boring . There is no better way then just going straight to the source. Spend some time going through the websites of the florists you plan on talking to. Do you like their style? Do you like how they present themselves? While there is a common misconception that floral designers are just people who put flowers in vases, we all are VERY different. Some enjoy texture, some are very classic. Some use color really well, and some shine when using just white. Spend some time finding somebody who you think best visually represents your style, and your personality. There is no point in meeting with somebody whose work you find sort of boring.

Be honest. Tell the designer you’re sitting with your honest budget, and be pretty upfront with it. I ask at every meeting how much people have budgeted for their flowers and I get a variety of answers. Some are honest, some are very very vague. While I understand that you might not know how much flowers cost, I can bet you have a number in mind (unless youre that very rare client who really has no limit!) If you have $2500 set aside for flowers, be proud of that $2500 and tell your designer! It allows the person youre sitting with the ability to type up a proposal with a realistic outcome in mind. It will also allow for you to know right away if youre dreams are actually a reality! If youre sitting with a creative, excited florist they will be on board to make sure you spend your money in the best ways possible. They will offer suggestions on how best to spend your budget, and how to repurpose items to get the biggest bang for your buck. With this being said, its also important to realize that designers are not magicians. If something doesnt fit into your budget, please do not expect a florist to make it work because more often then not, it just wont. Also, please please, dont haggle with your florist. Its weird and uncomfortable for all parties involved. If you receive a quote way over the budget youve given a possible florist, and they give you no possible suggestions on how to fit their ideas to your budget, or they are dead set on trying to get you to spend over what you feel comfortable spending, thank them for their time, and walk away.

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Trust. Once youve found a designer who you feel like you jive with, trust them. I have found that the weddings that have been the most successful are the ones where the couple gives me a little to go off of, a few colors, maybe some favorite flowers, or a favorite bouquet; a few things they dislike, their overall expectations and then they just relinquish control. While its hard to imagine youre ideas in the hands of somebody you dont know very well, if you are a fan of their work, and like them as a person, they will not let you down. This of course doesnt mean you cant ask questions, I personally love questions! Give your opinions, and then just sit back and enjoy the process. Allow them to propose a vision for you without having to know every single flower and texture that is going to be there. Its important for a florist to be able to verbally describe their vision for your wedding without overly describing the centerpieces or your bouquet. In fact this means your florist is looking at the big picture, how the room will come together and how theyve taken your ideas and translated them into a final product. This approach also really allows your florist to use whats best as market. Depending on weather and availability some things. lets be honest here; just look like crap, and I can bet you don’t want crap at your wedding. Also, do you really want to be stressing out over the fact that something isnt available two days before your wedding, when you can trust that your florist can find a beautiful substitute without having to bother you about it? Sometimes ignorance really is bliss.

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Take risks. Nobody said your wedding was supposed to look like something youve seen online or in a magazine. I often hear brides comparing ideas to what their friends had, and its confusing why would you want the same thing your friend had last summer? Sure, maybe you liked an element of the wedding, but please don’t copy it verbatim. There is nothing personalized about recycling ideas youve seen before. If you like something, tweak it. Take that popular pinterest bouquet and use it for inspiration. Tweak the colors, change the ribbons. There is absolutely no reason to have every trendy thing at your wedding. Dont be afraid to use a color you like, put your bridesmaids in non-traditional dresses and use something that might not be elegant. Nobody said your wedding was supposed to be feminine, or glamourous. Why not make it dark and moody, or even rainbow? Seriously, this is a day that reflects you as a couple. If you guys are really into hiking, by all means give something as silly as a carabiner as a favor. Youre obsessed with brewing beer? Why not use bear bottles for your centerpieces? Dont like the color pink then WHY are your bridesmaids wearing it!? Dont worry about impressing your friends, or your parents friends. Because honestly, its not about that. Dont let your friends and family tell you your ideas are strange or silly. I know its important to bounce ideas off people but don’t let people sway you from what you truly love. If your friends and family are there for the right reasons, they wont care what color your bouquets are…or even if your carrying balloons. Honestly, have fun, relax and be true to you.”

-Morgan Perrone, Valley Flower Company

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