Vendor Spotlight: Matt of Life Stage Films

Today we want you to meet Matt of Life Stage Films. Dan and I have loved their work for a long time now, even before we were wedding photographers. It spoke to us.. and we believe it will speak to you too. Matt was willing to take a little time out of his schedule to answer a few questions for you, to help you get to know him and why Life Stage does the work it does. If you are in the market for a wedding Videographer… please take a moment to visit their website and check out their really incredible work.

Matt, we would love to have the honor to work with you one day, regardless of the physical distance between our businesses.  Keep on keeping on!

Matt, tell us a little bit about how you got into the Wedding Videography Business:

I got into the business because I fell in love with how powerful it was to tell “stories” with a video camera. When we started our video business, I said how can I get rolling NOW to bring in “easy” money. I said, I’ll shoot weddings, those are easy! NOT TRUE. 🙂 Hardest job in the world but SO fulfilling. Then, when I saw the state of the videography industry in 2006 (cheesy, boring, crap) I said, “if I am going to shake hands with people and introduce myself as a wedding videographer, I want to blow them away and destroy any stereotype they may have had. I want to be proud of what I do.”

What is the structure of your business today? (How many people work for you, do you go to every wedding, etc etc)

I have 2 full time employees (studio manager and a full time editor) as well as 1 part time office assent and then an intern for editing every semester. I myself shoot 10-15 destination/local wedding per year while I also have 2 other solid teams (Zach and Amy) that have been with me for 3+ years. They are contracted. We can technically book 3 weddings on one weekend. Last year we filmed 50 weddings total.

What do you seek out on the wedding day to create the story line that your couples are hoping for in their film?

On our pre wedding questionnaire, we ask them to tell us what are the most important aspects of their wedding day. Tiny details they are excited about. Important people that need to be filmed. Interesting family members/stories. THEN, we seek those out. We also NEVER EVER stage, force or fake any moments on a wedding day. We never “direct” or tell them to “kiss” or “walk that way for a bit and hold hands”. We just let things happen. Our potential clients are actually attracted to us for our “genuine and authentic” feeling of our wedding films because they notice no one is looking at the camera yet everything seems so natural.

What are some other projects you are working on other than Wedding Films?

We LOVE doing identity pieces and promo films for non profit companies that are making a difference. We of course get paid, but we also get to travel a few times a year! You can search the blog for “Nicaragua, Guyana, Kenya, etc” for some samples.

Does anyone in particular inspire you artistically?

I get inspired by other business owners that have a goal. That have a purpose, even if they aren’t in my industry. You can learn a lot and actually grow your passion and art just by paying attention and learning from entrepreneurs and artists that have “been there, done that”. I get inspired by people that create their business for their family’s legacy and not just to glorify themselves and their talents.

Why do you believe that wedding videography is important?

It’s important for the same reason people love old family home movies. Why do we all get more excited when we find old VHS tapes in the attic rather than a photo album? Because it’s real life! Photos are so important, but how else can you really see a true window into a wedding day (and capture memories you never even knew happened) with 200+ people? It’s an investment into your SPOKEN promises in the vows, the special toasts. Those things just can’t be captured through photos, and it’s truly sad when people don’t value having a professional film of their wedding day.

Ericka & K.C. – Destination Wedding (Ravello, Italy) from Matt Davis on Vimeo.

Katie & Jimmy – Heartfelt Wedding w/ fireworks at Biltmore Estate from Matt Davis on Vimeo.

(All images used with permission from the fantastic Amanda Holloman of  Millie Holloman Photography. Thanks girl!)


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