Vendor Spotlight: Our Engagement Story as told by Prequels…

Remember Denise from Prequels? She took the time to talk with Dan and I each for about 10 minutes to find out our engagement story. We thought it might be a fun way for you guys to see a little taste of what she offers! Typically she spends around 60-90 minutes with each person before she writes a love story so we can’t imagine how cool that would be!

Here is our engagement story as told by Prequels.

“It was Christmas Eve, and Bethany was tired after a day of cleaning and sitting around watching movies in Dan’s apartment while he was off at work. When he got home, she was ready to get in the car and drive the two hours from Wilmington to Raleigh, where they’d be spending Christmas with their families. Instead, Dan suggested they swing by the beach first, so he could surf and she could sit and watch him.

It wasn’t an absurd suggestion because that’s something they’d done hundreds of times before. But it was cold, and Bethany wanted to get on the road. “It would mean a lot to me,” Dan insisted. When they got to the parking lot, Bethany helped him into his wetsuit. When she picked up the hood, she spotted a ring box. She knew the proposal was imminent but she kept quiet, not wanting to spoil whatever surprise Dan had prepared.

In fact, Bethany had known for a little while that a proposal was in the works. After Dan asked her father for permission, her father immediately broke the news to Bethany, much to her mother’s dismay. “But I was happy he told me,” Bethany
said. What she didn’t know was the trouble Dan was going through to create the perfect ring. The two had browsed some wedding magazines together at their local Border’s, so Dan thought he had a sense of what she liked. And yet he couldn’t find anything that seemed right, so he bought a diamond, and then searched for a jeweler who could set it to the perfect band. “It actually took a really long time, and I was really nervous I wouldn’t get it by Christmas,” Dan said. He knew how much Bethany loved Christmas, so he wanted to propose right around then.

Dan was relieved when the jeweler called him on Christmas Eve to say the ring was ready. He wanted to propose straight away, and he wanted to do it at the beach. “Bethany and I really enjoy kayaking, and I love to surf, we’re both very coastal
people,” he said. They’d met while leading trips along the coast. Happy that he’d persuaded Bethany to stop by the beach under the pretenses that he needed to surf before going to Raleigh, Dan was still really anxious during the ten-minute drive. “I was nervous. I don’t know why. It’s a huge deal, regardless of how sure you are that she’ll say yes,” Dan confessed.

When they got to the sand, Dan got on his knee and asked Bethany to marry him. She didn’t say “yes” straight away. Instead, she asked him if he was sure. “I’d been nagging him some about proposing, so I guess I wanted to make sure he was doing this because he really wanted to,” Bethany said. After Dan assured her that he was certain he wanted to marry her, she said, “Yes.”

“It was an awesome feeling, after all the stress leading up to it,” Dan said. To process all his feelings and decompress, Dan headed into the water to surf. Bethany ran to the pier, and took pictures of her fiancé.”

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