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One of our 2011 brides let me know about one of her friends who is offering a unique and very valuable service to couples who are preparing to get married. The company is called Prequels and they write you love story out for you, beautifully and professionally. We LOVE this idea since not everyone is a writer, but everyone has a love story that they deserve to have told. I had the chance to talk with Denise, the creator of Prequels. She was super excited about sharing a little more about her operation with me and with all of you! Sit down with a cuppa joe, and read a bit about what she does.

Since this is such a unique idea, would you mind just giving a little summary of what Prequels is and why you believe it’s important? We are a story writing service. Our goal is to help engaged couples share their love story with all their guests, because we believe that will make the wedding a much more meaningful, intimate and personal affair.

So Denise, this sounds like a great idea. Can you tell me a little more about the process of how you make these stories from the first contact with the couple to the delivery of the story? When a couple first reaches out to us, we first discuss what they want to use the story for: is it going on their website? Or are they going to incorporate it into their Save the Date? Or into the Ceremony Program? Then we schedule the interviews, which are about an hour long, by phone, with each person. We interview them separately. Then we write their love story, and the couple gets to review and edit it before we create the final version!

What was the a-ha moment when you realized that this could be a really cool thing and you should make it happen? I was at a friend’s wedding, and I realized the bride’s and groom’s families were meeting for the first time and didn’t know that much about the other person! I’m originally from Brazil, where everybody knows each other really well, always, before the wedding day. So I thought that writing these stories would be a way to bridge all the wedding guests together!

I love your a-ha moment. That is so true and its honestly a really helpful and thoughtful idea. I would love one for the reason that I believe Dan and I have a sweet love story and that I wish I knew how to tell is without a. rambling and b. with a good full circle kind of writing style. How did you learn to write so well? I’ve always loved to write, and I had a couple of really great English teachers in high school who encouraged me a lot. In college I worked as a writing tutor, and later on I went to graduate school for journalism.

Who are your typical clients? They are couples who understand that their relationship and their love story is the most important part of their wedding day. Beyond that, there is no commonality – they are young, old, gay, straight, Americans and foreigners.

I know your couples are all very different. Is there are common thread you have been able to see that run in a lot of the stories, in spite of that fact that each couple is very unique? One of the questions I always ask is, “How have you changed as a person because of this relationship?” And universally, everyone can name dozens of ways in which they’ve become better people because of their partner. It’s really inspiring!

You are so right about becoming a better person and I can attest to that as well. I love the things I have learned from Dan and strive every day to have the same kind of patience he shows daily in every single circumstance. Has learning and writing these stories spoken to you personally about life and love? Absolutely. I’m constantly moved – sometimes to tears – as I hear couples express their gratitude for one another. It reminds me to appreciate my own partner, and to express to him what he means to me.

What is the most difficult part of the process for you and also, what is the most rewarding? The most difficult part, honestly, is that I can’t write everything I want to, because the stories have a word limit – otherwise the guest won’t read them! The most rewarding part is producing a keepsake that I know every single wedding guest will take home and cherish.

So there you can see how awesome this idea is!! We would highly recommend having your story told by Denise. They offer lots off really creative options to how OFF your story. I am already dreaming of putting the story in with a wedding album. How great would that be? Head over to the site and check it out. We are big fans… and our story is soon to come for your reading enjoyment!

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