For Photographers: Vendors aren’t always perfect

A few years back, I was second shooting for Tracy Turpen Photography. As a second shooter you are always looking for a way to help without being in the way. You have a little time to take more in about the whole story and the whole situation in front of and around you. I actually really loved it because I could take in the day in a little less pressured way, but still got to enjoy being a photographer. It was a beautiful and vital season in my becoming a wedding photographer.

One wedding we photographed together, I came into the room where the Bride and bridesmaids were waiting before the ceremony was about to begin. The second I walked in the room I could tell there was something wrong. This is NEVER what you want to sense when you are working on a wedding day. Like nevah-eva. Apparently the florist was running late.. as in so late that the church was bare of flowers and there were no bouquets. The Bride was clearly upset and there really isn’t a whole lot that can be done when all those flowers are missing. Since I had a few moments, (pre-ceremony is a weird time wedding photography wise) I ran outside to the front of the church, picked some flowers, and tied them up with the ribbon I always wear on my camera bag. It was not anything close to a real florists bouquet but I just hated seeing her sad literally five minutes before she was to walk down the aisle. The gesture was enough to soothe the nerves and even make her smile. When she had decided these were the ones she was going to carry, the florist burst on the scene and the girls (and the church) all had the flowers they needed. Mine we set aside, but they actually meant a lot to me. What they meant was that I could think quickly, make a bride smile even when she was sad, and calm down a scene that could have made the ceremony be a little less fun for them. I was so thankful to learn that about myself and it gave me a lot of confidence that I might just be able to do this photography thing one day.

It is really really important to know how to photograph. Obviously. That being said, it is equally important to know how to be a part of a wedding day as a calming force, a friend, a counselor, and a cheerleader no matter what. That is what this little bunch of flowers meant to me that day.

Photo by Tracy Turpen


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