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I know…. I know. It’s about time eh?

Instagram is vital in the social media group that we are all using. We have been on Instagram for years with our personal accounts, (@thebethanycox and @thedancox). We had been deciding on creating one just for a business for a really long time and just never could figure out if we wanted one more account to manage.

Why we wanted a business account:

-Facebook’s new algorithm is making it really hard for our posts to get out to our followers. It is definitely something that I could get frustrated with but there is nothing we can do other than adapt to that change. One thing that really bothered me is that I would spend forever on a blog post and share it on Facebook and see zero feedback on it. We needed more people to see the work we were doing.

-Once we started sharing our professional images on Instagram we realized that our personal accounts really we’re where we wanted to be building that audience.

What was making it hard for us to take the plunge:

– Since currently Instragram will only lets you have one account per app, you have to log in and out of your accounts as you want to use them. This was a big roadblock for us.

– We loved how our personal Instagram’s are a good place to get to know us, rather than just seeing our business side. Having that human side of ourselves out there was something we we’re excited about losing.

What we did to make it work for us:

– We use our iPad for our business Instagram. This means that our daily life and usual instagramming can just stay the same on our phones, which was a big deal to us! We can schedule out our posts for instagram on our business and manage the account easily from our iPad. Whew!

-In order to preserve the fact that we loved having our clients and other vendors get to know us in a less business-y way, we added our personal instagram id’s to our business instagram’s bio section. Now if someone wants to get to know us that way as well, they can!

– We schedule our posts using Latergramme.  I can’t even tell you how helpful this app has been for us in managing our content and keeping things organized. When we write a blog post, we also upload an image to Latergramme, either on our iPad or our desktop. We can write what we want in the description and set the time we want to be reminded to post it. When the time comes, we get a notification, open the app, and post the image. We have yet to find an app that lets you schedule the post and have it post without you manually doing it but this is a good close second to that imaginary app that needs to be invented.

I hope that helps you guys who are looking to open your own business instagram account. We are already seeing a lot of new followers in the industry because it makes a little more sense for them and us to follow one another when it’s not a personal account. Woohoo!


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