Josie and Luke’s Commander’s Mansion Wedding in Watertown, MA

Josie and Luke’s wedding day was a rainy one. That did not stop the fun at all though! Luckily they had chosen the perfect venue for a day like that at the Commander’s Mansion in Watertown, MA. It actually made the day feel even cozier and set a mood for focus and intention. The surroundings were beautiful and the details they chose to set the room with were so so pretty. These two have been together since high school so it was a long awaited day. Josie looked like a knockout and took Luke’s breath away. He closed his eyes as she walked down the aisle because it was all to much… in a good way. It was so sweet to watch. (There were a lot of tears as you might imagine). One of their friends is a club DJ so the music was outta control. We wanted to dance the night away with them! It was a perfect farewell to Boston for us since we drove all the way to NC through the night after this wedding.

2013-12-16_0027 2013-12-16_0010.jpg

Officiant: Stoddard Melhado   |   Venue: Commanders Mansion   |   Makeup: Makeup by Brea

Catering: Dinner and Company   |   Flowers: the Bride herself

Reception Music: Brian Hudson   |   Gown: Liv Harris

Vee and Mike’s Boston Engagement Session

I woke up this morning, (at 4:00 am since I’m still on East Coast time even though I’m in Hawaii), knowing we would be blogging these two soon, the first thing I thought about was how the heck I can ever explain in words what Vee and Mike are really like without sounding like I’m being fluffy and insincere. The reason being, is that they are quite possibly the kindest most cheerful loving people I have ever met. Honestly.

We first met them on skype and seriously couldn’t believe the cuteness. It was that kind of niceness that is genuine and easy and makes you feel good inside. We shot this engagement session within a week of booking with them and when Vee bounded in the bar, she had a birthday/thank you gift in hand for me! Truffles and Maddie on Things… what could be more perfect?

Needless to say, we had a blast with them. We started at the Cask ‘n Flagon, where they first met. Next we played at Fenway, took a cab to the Public Garden, and then over to the waterfront where we took a Boat Taxi around in the harbor just for fun. It was one of those photographer dream sessions.

Thanks you two for making it so fun. Your wedding can’t come fast enough!


Catherine and Rafael’s Quincy MA Wedding

When I think about Catherine and Rafael’s wedding, the words “fun, red lipstick, true love, preciousness, and dance party” all come to mind. That should be enough to get you excited for the photos I would think!

The love that Catherine and Rafael have for one another is that kind that you can feel. It makes you want to hug your own spouse closer and cherish your own relationship. It is a testament and I loved witness it become marriage. I got to be with Catherine and her father as they waited to walk down the aisle, and it’s moments like that I feel like my privilege on a wedding day is precious. It was so touching as the prayed together moments before she was to become a wife. When Rafael saw her for the first time, the room was electric. It was truly one of wedding days filled with magic. With a wedding party of 20, we had quite the blast hanging out with all of them on the beach and they were just plain fun! After prayers and toasts, tears of joy and formal dances, the party continued into the night… the dance floor literally bouncing up and down from the jumping. When Katy Perry came on everybody screamed and the dance party was on. These are my kind of people!

Catherine and Rafael 0004Catherine and Rafael 0032Catherine and Rafael 0055Catherine and Rafael 0095Catherine and Rafael 0137Catherine and Rafael 0166Catherine and Rafael 0193Catherine and Rafael 0241Catherine and Rafael 0317Catherine and Rafael 0326Catherine and Rafael 0425Catherine and Rafael 0431Catherine and Rafael 0437Catherine and Rafael 0459Catherine and Rafael 0483Catherine and Rafael 0511Catherine and Rafael 0539Catherine and Rafael 0598Catherine and Rafael 0602Catherine and Rafael 0634Catherine and Rafael 0650Catherine and Rafael 0683Catherine and Rafael 0686Catherine and Rafael 0708Catherine and Rafael 0718Catherine and Rafael 0784Catherine and Rafael 0789Catherine and Rafael 0816


Ceremony Venue: First Church of Squantum   |   Officiant: Larry Reed

Reception Venue: Jones River Trading Co   |   Catering: Plymouth Bay Catering   |   Florist: Parquita Brooks

Morgan and Doug’s Fenway Park and Boston Waterfront Engagement Session

Remember that day last week when the weather in Boston was nuts? It was sunny and overcast, rainy and foggy, nice and not nice? Well that was the day of Morgan and Doug’s engagement session. I can’t believe we almost called it off and just “took a few photos just in case” before it rained. Well those few photos turned into a whole session that was NOT rained out! We couldn’t be happier that happened that way either. We had been looking forward to meeting these two for a long time!

We started the session right at the Fenway Park statues and had fun breaking the ice. It is rare that we have never met with a couple until the moment before we start taking their picture. It is really hard for everyone to get comfortable and “go for it” with photographs, but these two are charmers. They didn’t need much warming up at all, and that must be because they are crazy in love and don’t care who knows it, (did you catch my Elf reference there?).  After Fenway, we made our way to the waterfront and were greeted with one of the coolest views of Boston I have seen in a while. All the buildings were covered in clouds, and the light was wild. I know it wasn’t what they were imagining for “sunset photos,” but heck… no one imagines misty crazy skyline photos, and they scored!

It was fantastic to finally meet them both and we look forward to their wedding this August!

Morgan and Doug Engagement 0011.JPG

Morgan and Doug Engagement 0003.JPG
Morgan and Doug Engagement 0016.JPG
Morgan and Doug Engagement 0021.JPG
Morgan and Doug Engagement 0044.JPG
Morgan and Doug Engagement 0036.JPG
Morgan and Doug Engagement 0073.JPG
Morgan and Doug Engagement 0070.JPG
Morgan and Doug Engagement 0075.JPG
Morgan and Doug Engagement 0100.JPG
Morgan and Doug Engagement 0091.JPG
Morgan and Doug Engagement 0059.JPG
Morgan and Doug Engagement 0107.JPG
Morgan and Doug Engagement 0109.JPG
Morgan and Doug Engagement 0118.JPG
Morgan and Doug Engagement 0121.JPG
Morgan and Doug Engagement 0129.JPG
Morgan and Doug Engagement 0141.JPG

Stephen and Rebekah’s North End of Boston Portrait Session

Where do I begin? We clicked with these two. We clicked in a big way. Stephen called us up one day and let us know that he wanted to give his sweet wife a photo session for Christmas. They lived in Alabama and were headed to New England for his gift to her for Christmas, and a photo session with us would be icing on the cake. He said that he loved our work and they were believers as well, (in Jesus), and that it seemed like it would be a good fit. He was spot on. We parked the car and when we got out to get our gear situated, he walked up with his bride and said, “Are you Bethany and Dan, because I’m Stephen and this is Rebekah.” That was all it took really… we loved his big Texan style and her grace of a southern belle right then and there.

He is from Texas and She hails from Alabama, where the two live now. After a whirlwind, and I do mean whirlwind, of a romance, they were married and living life to the glory of God. It was so fulfilling to us to be with a couple, who like us, met and courted, knowing the path they were on was undoubtably marriage. Within 4 months of being engaged, (which was an EPIC engagement story by the way… involving her entire family and the 50 yard line in the stadium of “roll tide” Alabama), they were married. It’s fast and furious love stories like that which get me crazy excited, because I know what it’s like to know… to know immediately that you are in the presence of the one. The one you will love forever.

So enjoy our take on their love story. We hope these images will be a witness to you, of just how deeply they love one another.