Ginny and Ryan’s Richmond Virginia Wedding

We headed down to the sunny south for this wedding. It took place in Virginia, near Richmond. Ginny actually worked with Dan back when he was a kayak guide on the Outer Banks of NC in 2007. Right when she become engaged she emailed and said “Um, I’ve been Facebook stalking your kayaking trips and wedding photographer careers for a while.” Now it was time for her and her fiance to be in some of those photos!! Ginny is a scientists who spends months on ships in the poles studying sea ice. Yes… you read that right. Ryan just passed the California BAR exam so they are headed in good directions career-wise!

One of the most notable and wonderful parts of their sweet wedding day, was that Ginny wore her mothers wedding dress. The had it altered in a few areas but it really was very similar to the original dress. I loved seeing how she interpreted the look. The wedding was simple, sweet, and full of…. DINOSAURS! They used dinosaurs for lots of the decor, paying homage to her scientific outlook on life. The letter Ryan wrote her prior to the ceremony was even in a recycled envelope. You gotta love that.

Ginny and Ryan 0014 Ginny and Ryan 0049 Ginny and Ryan 0110Ginny and Ryan 0104 Ginny and Ryan 0121Ginny and Ryan 0003 Ginny and Ryan 0135 Ginny and Ryan 0149 Ginny and Ryan 0157Ginny and Ryan 0217 Ginny and Ryan 0262 Ginny and Ryan 0264 Ginny and Ryan 0269 Ginny and Ryan 0282Ginny and Ryan 0291 Ginny and Ryan 0347 Ginny and Ryan 0379 Ginny and Ryan 0483 Ginny and Ryan 0501 Ginny and Ryan 0575 Ginny and Ryan 0711 Ginny and Ryan 0732

Venue: The Highlands Country Cub  |  Florist: Designs by Janice  |  Cake: Pearls Cupcake Shoppe

Hair and Makeup: Faces by Joy  |  DJ: Sound Enforcement  |  Gown: Julie Ireland Dressmaking 

Brittany and Jason’s Sandbridge Virginia Wedding

We met Brittany via skype one night and she stole our hearts. It wasn’t hard to imagine how Jason loved her so much. We were smitten ourselves!! Their wedding was a lot like ours, with a small guest list, a beach house in the south, and a close family kind of vibe. We felt right at home. Numerous times throughout the day, Brittany would say “this is exactly how I dreamed it would be” and “that is exactly what i wanted” and “i love it!!” It was so nice to be around a bride who loved her day and all the details. She was just so happy.

Their ceremony was ridiculously romantic. I swear that the vows were some of the most epic we have ever heard. Everyone was crying! These two….. meant to be. We barely gave them any direction through the couple photos. They just couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. See if you can find the one when I mentioned to Brittany that she should just give her husband a kiss. She screamed she was so happy to be finally married! I love that moment at every wedding when they can finally call each other husband and wife. They danced the night away under the stars and lights. It was exactly like she dreamed… and she has good dreams it seems.

Venue: Bella Vita   |   Cake: Incredible Edible Desserts   |   Officiant: Dan Taylor

Dane and Michelle’s Virginia Beach VA Wedding

It was slightly overcast and breezy outside the day of Dane and Michelle’s Virginia Beach wedding. The weather said it was going to rain. As Michelle got ready, I heard almost no mention of the impending rain but rather casual chat and comfort among friends and family. Michelle seemed completely unphased by the fact that their wedding may be a rainy event. It was clear that her sole focus for this day was to marry Dane. During the first look it was impossible to keep a dry eye. It was just so sweet to see how excited Dane was to see his bride! Dane and Michelle have been together over seven years and that history created such a comfortable environment. They just knew each other so well that this felt like a celebration of something that everyone involved felt sure of. It felt like it was meant to be without question. Michelle is Dane’s girl… and there is no doubt about it. The way he looks at her was enough to make me cry sitting at home editing these photos! That is how intense and honest this love story is. It rained, and it cleared up, and most importantly of all the weather had no effect on their day. It was… perfect.

Venue: Yacht Club at Marina Shores   |   Florist: Black Iris Floral Events   |   Caterer: Creative Catering   |   Cake: Incredible Edibles

Officiant: Susan Turner   |   Make-up: Irresistable Artistry   |   DJ: Arch Entertainment   |   Videography: LNR Productions   |   Gown: Yara Bridal