Iceland Vacation 2021

And just like that, I’ve been to Iceland three times now. Hell yeah.

My best friend Annie and I decided on a whim that we needed to get together again and I jokingly threw out the idea of Iceland. She replied with an enthusiastic “yes” and before we knew it, we were hugging in the baggage claim of the Keflavík airport.

Annie is a photographer, lawyer, collector, music lover, baker, and a lot of other things. We met waaaaay back when we used to follow a band together in college and we’ve been friends ever since. I haven’t traveled with a lot of people other than Dan but she is my favorite person to travel with. We love to take photos, take it slow, and take naps. Plus, we don’t argue because we aren’t married. Ha! It’s about as chilled out as travel can be and that is 100% my vibe. We don’t see every single thing in a place but we come home rested, and isn’t that the point? She also is a planner, which is really really really good for me because if I was on a trip alone, I’d land at the airport and blink my eyes, not sure what to do next. Love you Annie.

This trip we went to Vík, Jökulsárlón, Búðir, Thingvellir, and of course Reykjavík.

Annie took some of these and I took some of these and some kind strangers took some of us.