Mara and Will’s Rehearsal Dinner at the Nebo Lodge

Technically speaking, this post includes a little more than the rehearsal dinner. It really encompases all we saw on Friday when we arrived on North Haven Island, via the ferry. Mara and Will were waiting for us when we got there thankfully, since there is essentially no cell service on the island and we had no idea where we were going! We gave hugs and then Will said “We need you at the church right now!! We are painting the doors and we gotta have a shot of it!” Down to business right away eh? We followed them over to the church and lo and behold they were painting the doors to the church for the wedding the next day. How could we NOT photograph that? Afterwards, they swept us away to Will’s parent’s property, where we were to stay for the weekend. Most of the car ride, Dan and I were speechless at the scenery and the wonder that is North Haven. If you ever ever EVER get a chance to go, please do. We walked around and took a look at where the reception would take place and then Dan and I relaxed until the rehearsal dinner later on that evening.

All of their family and friends are close. Really close. We appreciated seeing just how much love their guests had for them. Once the dinner was served, toast began flowing and they didn’t stop all night! It was said more than once that Mara and Will’s love had inspired other to hold out for a love like that for themselves. What more could you ask?

Lastly, late that night after Dan and I had turned in for the night, we were in bed and heard a ruckus downstairs in the garage, (we were sleeping in the apartment above it). I was scared at first and sent Dan down to look. He ran back up and grabbed the camera and said he had to take photos. They were ripping into the alcohol boxes for the wedding the next day. Apparently Will and his crew wanted a little more before they themselves turned in for the night. I guess it was technically his already so why not right? They did save the top shelf goods for the following day but they were less a few bottles otherwise. Do you love these people yet? You should.

Mara and Will Friday 0005.JPG
Mara and Will Friday 0009.JPG
Mara and Will Friday 0018.JPG
Mara and Will Friday 0014.JPG
Mara and Will Friday 0029.JPG
Mara and Will Friday 0046.JPG
Mara and Will Friday 0054.JPG
Mara and Will Friday 0063.JPG
Mara and Will Friday 0096.JPG
Mara and Will Friday 0102.JPG
Mara and Will Friday 0111.JPG
Mara and Will Friday 0127.JPG
Mara and Will Friday 0135.JPG
Mara and Will Friday 0141.JPG
Mara and Will Friday 0147.JPG
Mara and Will Friday 0252.JPG
Mara and Will Friday 0192.JPG
Mara and Will Friday 0194.JPG
Mara and Will Friday 0223.JPG
Mara and Will Friday 0269.JPG
Mara and Will Friday 0239.JPG
Mara and Will Friday 0234.JPG
Mara and Will Friday 0283.JPG

Venue and Catering: Amanda Hallowell of Nebo Lodge   |    Wills Bow Tie: Barnaby Jones

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  1. mary mccann
    September 25, 2013

    The pic of Mara and Will is magical!!!!

    Bobby….maybe you should have been a surgeon!

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