Meredith and Ben’s Boston Engagement Session

Meredith is one of my friends from Boston and when her boyfriend proposed I waited with baited breath for her to ask me for some photos. YES YES YES!!! It’s funny that when you are in a bible study/book study with someone for less that 12 weeks, you really can become close. I feel like Meredith knows more about me than most of the people I have known all of my life. I likewise know a ton about this spunky smart woman and it just made the session and the engagement that much more meaningful to me! When we moved from Boston, leaving that group of women tore me up (like I cried for almost the whole last meeting). I LOVE YOU MEREDITH! We actually covered a lot of ground for this session, starting at the Boston Public Library and then walking over to the Boston Public Garden. At the end of the night we lucked out with a ridiculous sunset on the Mass Ave bridge. THEN to top it all off, we put the cameras away for the night and walked to the South End and ate at one of my top favorite Boston pizza places. I mean… what could be better? These two are getting hitched in Kentucky next year and we could not be more happy for them.
Meredith and Ben 0009

Meredith and Ben 0015
Meredith and Ben 0017
Meredith and Ben 0035
Meredith and Ben 0025
Meredith and Ben 0042
Meredith and Ben 0053

Meredith and Ben 0059
Meredith and Ben 0065
Meredith and Ben 0082
Meredith and Ben 0068
Meredith and Ben 0092
Meredith and Ben 0101

We make photographs that tell the truth by becoming close to you and your story.

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  1. Emily
    August 4, 2014

    LOVE. Especially the one in front of the duck-pond where Meredith is looking back


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