One Shot Weddings 2015

Here are the one shot faves from our 2015 Weddings! It was a good year.

Western Maine WEdding 0017 Val and Alex Wedding 0369 Same Sex Vermont Wedding Portland Maine Wedding 0010Sailboat Wedding Casco Bay New Hampshire Wedding0015 New Hampshire Wedding0013 New Hampshire Wedding Lakeside 0026 Laura and Mark 0407 Hanah and Colin 0561 Dog Wedding Photo Dan and Colleen 0422 Camden Public Library Wedding Brianne and Sean 0638 Boothbay Newagen Wedding 0025 Boston Wedding 0009 Boston Copley Wedding 0031 Boothbay Harbor Maine Wedding 0020 Blue Hair Bride Seattle Amy and Dan Wedding 0575 Bevin and Thom Wedding 0832 Aimee and Mitchell Favorites 0008 Acadia Wedding 0029

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