Peaks Island Maine Wedding: Lauren and Steve

We had coffee with Lauren and Steve in our neighborhood not long before their wedding. I felt immediately connected to them. Their laughter, comfort, and sarcasm was all I needed to know that we were going to be able to photograph their wedding in a super authentic way. When they let us in, even at the little coffee shop, it was a really good sign for the wedding day to come.

Fast forward to their wedding day and all those qualities were there, and then we got to add all the joy and support from their friends and family to the mix. It was just what we love.

Some of my favorite memories from the day are as follows:

+When Lauren’s veil flew off as soon as I took the photo of her walking down the aisle.
+That they drove off right after the ceremony for a few private moments by the ocean.
+THE INCREDIBLE SUNSET that never fails to distract everyone from everything on Peaks Island.
+The beers they brought in from their hometown.
+Lauren’s outfit change at the end of the night.

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Venue: TEIA Club  |  Catering: Lake and Co.

Hair: Pageboy  |   Makeup: Beauty Mark Portland

Florist: Plant Office  |  Dj: James Mcnally 

String Trio: Occasional Brass

We make photographs that tell the truth by becoming close to you and your story.

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  1. Jill porter
    January 20, 2020

    All in all an amazing day where everything was done to perfection to compliment this great love! Much gratitude to everyone who made this day possible!!


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