Lake Winnepesaukee Summer Camp Wedding: Anna and Brian

I literally had to take a good deep breath just now.

This wedding.

I’ve been avoiding writing this blogpost for a while because it’s just been too big, too heavy on my mind. How exactly am I supposed to sum up something that is both really happy and really sad? I’m going to give myself some grace on this one and just write how I feel and what I can and then just let you guys read it and not worry about actually trying to do it justice because I don’t think that’s really possible.

Anna and Brian were already married before this day. They had to rush a small wedding in the summer because both of their fathers were terminally ill with cancer. Knowing that they just wouldn’t know for sure if they would both be around for the big New Hampshire wedding, they went ahead and got married with both their Dad’s present. Fast forward to this day, both their dads were there for this one too so the celebration was whole and complete.

We met Anna and Brian in 2015 at Anna’s brother’s wedding to Nji. You gotta see their wedding too by the way. Such a good time. We love their family so we were so happy and honored to be invited back to photograph Anna’s wedding. This also meant that the fact that her father was sick hit a little harder with us because we knew their family.

The wedding was so much fun and was one of those days I was again reminded of how cool the weddings we photograph are. I mean look at the bridesmaids dresses you guys! I adored all Anna’s styling from head to toe. They were married in the outdoor chapel along the lake, with her brother Russell officiating. The way Brian looked at Anna throughout the day was so tender and we were digging it. After the ceremony we headed to the outdoor cocktail hour and then into the camp dining hall for dinner and toasts. Next we all headed over to the dance hall for a party to remember, complete with my favorite moment of the night when Anna’s sister Tizzy accidentally unplugged the DJ and sound system during the party. Amazing. (Love you Tizzy).

A mere two weeks after this special day, Anna, Tizzy, and Russell’s dad passed away. It broke my heart but I was also filled with gratitude that I was able to meet him and photograph such momentous events in their family with him present. His ashes are to be spread right in the outdoor chapel they were married in so the whole place will hold a rich meaning (as Anna told me). Thankfully Brian’s dad is doing ok at the moment so hopefully he will be there for Brian’s brothers wedding this summer!

Lake Winnipesaukee WeddingLake Winnipesaukee WeddingLake Winnipesaukee Wedding

Lake Winnipesaukee WeddingLake Winnipesaukee WeddingLake Winnipesaukee WeddingLake Winnipesaukee Wedding

Lake Winnipesaukee WeddingLake Winnipesaukee WeddingLake Winnipesaukee WeddingLake Winnipesaukee Wedding

Lake Winnipesaukee WeddingLake Winnipesaukee WeddingLake Winnipesaukee Wedding

Lake Winnipesaukee WeddingLake Winnipesaukee WeddingLake Winnipesaukee WeddingLake Winnipesaukee WeddingLake Winnipesaukee WeddingLake Winnipesaukee Wedding

Lake Winnipesaukee WeddingLake Winnipesaukee WeddingLake Winnipesaukee WeddingLake Winnipesaukee WeddingLake Winnipesaukee WeddingLake Winnipesaukee Wedding

Lake Winnipesaukee WeddingLake Winnipesaukee WeddingLake Winnipesaukee Wedding

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Cake: Ooo La La Creative Cakes

Andrea and Mikes New Hampshire Lake Wedding

I feel like I should reiterate again how we met these two because I think it’s the coolest story. One wintery night in Boston, I went to a book signing for Young House Love. Andrea was in front of me in line  and it’s just that simple. Over the next two years we kept in touch via social media and her blog! When Mike proposed she emailed me right away and we were in! Her sweet bridesmaids were there with her at the book signing too so it was radical to have everyone together again!

Mike and Andrea did something really unique an special for their first look. In the middle of the lake there is a tiny island. They both took boats out to it with Dan and I. Once we were all in place, they had a first look to always remember. First Andrea walked up and hugged him close, then stepped back and Mike turned around to see his bride. It was so so romantic and it was better than anything we could have came up for them for what and where to do it. We loved it!

Once it came time for the ceremony, they again took boats over to the ceremony site. It was a first for me and I was eating it up! What more could you ask for? Boats and a wedding! The ceremony took place right at the lakeshore and then we all walked up to the top of the hill for a tented reception with details to take note of. It was SO good looking under the tent with incredible flowers and a cake to knock your socks off. We loved being a part of this day and we can’t wait to see what the future has for these two.

Andrea and Mike Wedding 0018 Andrea and Mike Wedding 0072 Andrea and Mike Wedding 0171 Andrea and Mike Wedding 0193 Andrea and Mike Wedding 0224 Andrea and Mike Wedding 0238 Andrea and Mike Wedding 0233 Andrea and Mike Wedding 0241 Andrea and Mike Wedding 0260 Andrea and Mike Wedding 0319 Andrea and Mike Wedding 0445 Andrea and Mike Wedding 0467 Andrea and Mike Wedding 0527 Andrea and Mike Wedding 0534 Andrea and Mike Wedding 0559 Andrea and Mike Wedding 0655 Andrea and Mike Wedding 0671 Andrea and Mike Wedding 0692 Andrea and Mike Wedding 0760 Andrea and Mike Wedding 0784 Andrea and Mike Wedding 0830 Andrea and Mike Wedding 0836 Andrea and Mike Wedding 0840 Andrea and Mike Wedding 0864 Andrea and Mike Wedding 0900 Andrea and Mike Wedding 0947Andrea and Mike Wedding 0963 Andrea and Mike Wedding 0988

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Abby and Matt’s Camp Manitou Maine Wedding

We first met Abby and Matt via skype all the way from their house in Florida. I love it when we get to “meet” our couples that way if we live far apart. Right away, we knew they were a good fit for us and each other. As you can see in their faces, they are crazy in love and so so happy to be married. It felt amazing to hug them both in person after a year of emails, skypes, and facebook messaging.

They were married at Camp Manitou, where they met and worked together. It had an atmosphere of family and friends and it was clear that this was a really special place for the two of them. We felt so welcomed by everyone and even stayed in one of the rooms there after the wedding. It was what you imagine when you think of a summer camp; super cute cabins, wooden walls in the mess hall, a lake and waterfront, flagpole, game fields, etc. Abby was a total D.I.Y. bride and with the help of her family and friends, she did pretty much EVERYTHING that goes into a wedding. He hand was in every aspect of the day. To let you know how cool she is, they asked us to make sure that the first married kiss was taken from the vantage point of behind them, so that it included them AND their guests. You gotta love a bride with cool photo ideas that are outside of the box. My favorite moment of the day was when the couple was thanking their guests for being there. Abby took the mic and thanked all the people she wanted to thank and then she started to tear up a little bit. She looked at Matt and said “Of course none of this would be happening without Matt. I love you so much.” She remembered that although this was a fun crazy wedding that took a lot of work, it was all about Matt and her being in love. Amen Abby!

Venue: Camp Manitou   |   Flowers: Kathryn Dunn   |   Makeup: Apollo Day Spa   |   Band: Wavelength


Abbie and Javi’s Maine Summer Camp Wedding

Abbie and Javi were married at Camp Wohelo, making her the fourth generation in her family to wed there. Javi and his family are Cuban and brought the party to Maine! I remember skyping with them the first time and when we closed the call, I looked at Dan and said “O MY GOD I love them!!! We have to do their wedding!!!” It was love at first skype for us! They are our very own Lucy and Ricky…

The wedding was at a local Catholic church and was followed by the reception at the camp, with a dinner of Lobsters caught and cooked by Abbie’s Dad. All the details were made with love by Abbie herself and the cake was made by her mother and decorated by her sister. The guests, although they were from great distances and did not know one another very well in the beginning, it really started to feel like two families coming together, rather than just Abbie and Javi. The weather was undeniably perfect, with a sunset that was a stunning capstone to the day. I was wondering why no one was really dancing after dinner and then Dan let me know that nature was stealing the show with its closing sunset. Once the stars came out, the dancing began and it was all smiles all night!

As a special treat, Aaron Steel of A Good Look Productions shared this film he shot of their wedding day! Enjoy!

Just a Little Bit from Aaron Steele on Vimeo.

Ceremony: St. Joseph Parish   |   Reception: Camp Wohelo   |   Flowers:  Raymond Village Florist

Videographer: A Good Look Productions

Andrew and Lisa’s Camp Kieve Maine Wedding

Andrew and Lisa were married at Camp Kieve, a place that is near and dear to both or their hearts, and not only them but a huge majority of their guests. We felt like we were on sacred ground when Andrew walked us around the ceremony spot before the day began. Andrew is one of the most fun grooms we have had the pleasure to work with. He was the point person throughout the process. On our first contact he said, “So, I’m getting married next summer to a wonderful girl, Lisa….” and from that point on, we were hooked on the two of them. Lisa showed us around her new house that they recently purchased together and I felt like I had met myself when she showed me her color-coordinated closet, sorted by type and color. #totalwin

We KNEW their wedding was going to rock and boy did it ever! After a heart-felt ceremony, we headed to a reception that started before it was even officially “open.” It was the first wedding we have ever been to that people started dancing before they even sat down. The dancing actually went on the ENTIRE time, and beyond. We were hot and sweaty and our faces hurt from smiling the whole time. It was an amazing night and we were honored to be there. Party on Andrew and Lisa.

Venue: Camp Kieve   |   Catering: Red Plate Catering   |   Florist: Seasons Downeast Designs   |   Cake: Three Dogs Cafe

Makeup: About Face Maine   |   Music: The Tony Boffa Band