Hanover New Hampshire Wedding: Nji and Russell

Nji and Russell’s wedding was one that we will lovingly refer to as one of “the big ones” of 2015. They pulled out all the stops, from tuxedos to designer gowns, gorgeous flowers to tasty dinner, beautiful lighting at the reception and a gorgeous ceremony location. The only thing that they couldn’t plan on was the weather, which did rain. You might think that would put a damper on such an event but no. I wish you could have been there to see just how positive and upbeat and “no worries man” they were about the showers. Talk about rolling with the punches! After a run through the rain, they married one another in the presence of friends and family that came from literally all over the world. This was also the wedding with the tallest bridesmaids that there has ever been in the history of weddings! For the first time ever in my photography career, I wasnt the tallest girl in the room, and not by a long shot. Over six feet was the norm with these volleyball ladies and they all wore heels too. It was fabulous!

The dance party was on point, and reiterated the fact that New Yorkers know how to throw a party. Nji’s brother even dropped a new single debut at the reception! The speeches had guests crying from love and laughter. It was clear that this marriage was one that everyone was thrilled about, and we were thrilled to have been there.
The groom gets ready
The bride getting readyThe bride in silhouetted in front of a window Pouring champagne before the ceremony The Bride and Groom having a first look Taking a few moments before the ceremony Everyone caught in the rain The bride getting out of the rain The groomsmen The ceremony was hot! Rollins Chapel The bride during the ceremony Joy after the ceremony The bride and groom The bride and groom The bride and groom under the arch Rain and the arch Just the bride Heading to the reception Everyone dancing The speeches The bride and groom laughing at the speeches The mother son dance Going for the boquet Hugs on the dancefloor Money raining downThe bride and groom

Venue: The Hanover Inn  |  Coordinator: Beauty Queen Events  |  Florist: Roberts Flowers

Gown:  Kleinfeld Bridal |  DJ:  Murray Hill Talent

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