Amanda and Doug’s Crescent Beach Engagement Session

We met Amanda and Doug at Crescent Beach State Park, just down the road from us! Amanda jumped out of their Subaru in a cute little romper and I knew this was going to be a fun one. We started in the parking lot because there was some bangin’ light that Dan knew just what to do with, (and you’d never know it was a parking lot from the photos). Next we made a bit of a misstep and went into the woods. I say it was a misstep only because we were SWARMED by mosquitoes and there was no escape until we made it to the beach, only after all of us were covered in welts. Whoops! These two were so laid back about it. We just all dealt with it, and ended up with some funny and fun photos! I also learned how to edit out mosquito bites. Win win?? We ended up at a little secluded beach with pink sand and no one there, overlooking the pretty Maine waters. I’d say it was worth it. Dan almost got taken out by waves for a few of the shots. Dare devil. We made our way over to the main beach and broke some rules climbing into the guard stand. I’m glad we did because it made for some rad photos. Lastly, we drove into Portland to one of their favorite parks, overlooking the city for a few night shots. It was hilarious, fun, adventurous, with awesome people, and in my beloved Maine. What more could you ask for??

Amanda and Doug Engagement 0006Amanda and Doug Engagement 0011Amanda and Doug Engagement 0033Amanda and Doug Engagement 0056Amanda and Doug Engagement 0073Amanda and Doug Engagement 0076Amanda and Doug Engagement 0087Amanda and Doug Engagement 0088Amanda and Doug Engagement 0097Amanda and Doug Engagement 0099Amanda and Doug Engagement 0106Amanda and Doug Engagement 0134Amanda and Doug Engagement 0141Amanda and Doug Engagement 0183Amanda and Doug Engagement 0153Amanda and Doug Engagement 0159Amanda and Doug Engagement 0174Amanda and Doug Engagement 0199Amanda and Doug Engagement 0193

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  1. Abbie
    June 19, 2014

    Amazing!!! I <3 these pictures! Can't wait to see you Bethany & Dan in July 🙂

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