Portsmouth NH Engagement Session: Sarah and Justin

Covid had us reeling to find a new place to photograph when Maine passed a mask mandate for the outdoors last fall. We had one warm day and moved the session to NH for our last minute engagement session with Sarah and Justin, mere weeks before their wedding. What a year 2020 was right? Photographing Sarah and Justin was a pleasure though. They love love love each other, know who they are, and are confident. What could be better??

The sunset rewarded our scrambling with a purple and blue beauty for our final photos of the evening. Thank you New Hampshire!

Couple giggling on steps in Portsmouth NH: Black and White Photo
Couple in front of mural in Portsmouth NH. She is sneaking up on him.
Portrait of couple with dark background. Kind expressions.
Landscape style image of river with a couple hugging in the bottom of the image frame.
80's style creative portrait of couple for engagement session. Mostly cool tones.
couple holding hands in the very bottom of the image frame, overlooking a river
Couple laying down and snuggling on a rock
Silly engagement photo where woman ran over and hugged her fiance
couple frolicing out of the water, slight motion blur, blue and purple sunset in the background
Purple and Blue sunset image with couple ankle deep in the water in an embrace.
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