Amber and Mark’s Boothbay Harbor ME Engagement Session

Amber and Mark wanted us to photograph their rehearsal dinner, but the boat ride would only last 2 hours. They decided to have a mini-engagment session with us before we all embarked on a cruise around the Boothbay area. The weather was unparalleled. It was truly the most perfect weather in my opinion for a day in Maine.

During this session, they gave one another gifts.  Amber gave Mark a handsome watch and Mark gave Amber diamond earrings, which she showed off all night long, (and I assume for years to come). Mark actually grew up in Boothbay. As we were walking around the town and visiting some of his favorites spots, (including the candy store he worked at as a kid), I asked him if he was aware of this place. What I meant was, did he see the town for all its beauty and charm, or was it simply home and therefore not on his radar? He assured me that it was not lost on him. Whew!

We make photographs that tell the truth by becoming close to you and your story.

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