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I would have to say that this was the most tiring day of the trip by far but only because we went at a record pace. Amsterdam was another layover city for us on our flight from Dublin to Stockholm. We decided to do as much as we possibly could and ended up almost passed out on the train from the Stockholm airport to the city center. It was a loooooong day but so worth it because we did so much while in Amsterdam.

Right off the plane I noticed the distinctly tall and attractive border patrol men heading into the netherlands. Of all the passport stampers in our travels, these guys looked the most like models who could knock you out. The tall gene extended out into the city and I finally felt I was among my people! TALL! Hurrah! We headed straight to a boat ride through the canals because it’s just one of those things that you gotta do that we wanted to do. We got to see the city from the water, which felt like a beautiful way to get your bearings. We were the only ones in our boat so it was a private tour unexpectedly. Gotta love that. After the tour we headed to Rembrandt’s house, where you can do just what you imagine: walk around Rembrandt’s house. This was unbelievable to me. THE Rembrandt. Europe is amazing. Next we lucked out and were able to get tickets to see Anne Frank’s Home, which was beyond description you guys. I literally could not soak up  how significant it really was. I was in awe and sad and overwhelmed. So many original and personal details are still visible in the rooms. Visiting places like that always just being history into real life for me, rather than having it sit in books.

The rest of the day we just walked around, had a meal, and headed back to the airport for our flight to Stockholm. I hope we make it back to Amsterdam one day and get to spend some quality time taking the city in. There’s still so many things on my list!

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Our Day in Amsterdam

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