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As a child of the 80’s I was an avid reader of the American Girl Books, particularly Molly and Kirsten. Sadly both are phased out in the American Girl world but I’ll never forget. I can also trace back my interest in Sweden right back to reading about Kirsten and St Lucia! Anyone with me? All this to say, we needed to visit Sweden since it was possible in our Euro Trip.

We only had two real days in the city so we spent the first day going to two museums: Fotografiska and the Abba Museum. Both were so so so good! Fotografiska is a museum of just photography. While we were there they had two special exhibits happening. The first was the Bettina Rheims I’ll Be Your Mirror exhibit, which reminded me a lot of a feminine Mario Testino. Big bold photos, Bright Colors. Celebrities. I was feelin it. Next was an exhibit called Ikoner which was photography of people with Down Syndrome and their right to exist. You guys. This was so powerful! The images were paired with short films, introducing you to the lives of the people in the photos. I particularly loved “The Rockstar” and “The Diva.” The Abba Museum was simply pure fun. I loved everything. The colors. The music. The vibe. The story. It’s a definite must do if you enjoy their music. Its also not very big so it doesn’t take your whole day. I’ve always been a fan so it was no question we would go. I also enjoyed the fact that we took a ferry boat to get there and that it’s right next to an amusement park.

The food was delicious for us. We ate at two notable restaurants. First we were craving burgers after all our museum-going so we headed to Barrels Burgers and Beers. I dont know if it was because we were so hungry but I still remember how delicious this was. We follow them on Insta too now so I think of them often and REALLY want to go back. I also had one of the best beers in my life (and also one of the most expensive at $15) and I cant remember what it was!! Another reason to visit again amiright? It has something like sunset or sunrise or tropical or something in the title. Gah! We also ate at Meatballs for the People. Yaassssss!!!! We had to have meatballs… i mean… when in rome right? They were delish and a perfect send off on our second day which consisted mainly of shopping. Obviously.

After Stockholm we flew back to Oslo and hung out with Deanna (see Norway Post). It was an huge long and wonderful trip that Dan and I will never ever forget. Im so glad there’s space in our lives for trips like this. When we got back to America we headed back to Maine and began and month-long search for an apartment, which eventually led us to living on the sailboat last summer. It’s funny to think of how unpredictable life is. Before this trip we had no idea we would be going to Europe or that we would be living on a sailboat. We were just innocently doing our off season thing and within a few months we had been on an epic Euro trip and fulfilled a huge number of bucket list items. Now a year later, we have a beautiful apartment in Portland and are planning a trip back to Iceland this coming June for a wedding. Im so so thankful for our life and what we have been able to do and look forward to our next adventure!

Stockholm TravelStockholm TravelStockholm TravelStockholm TravelStockholm TravelStockholm Travel

Stockholm TravelStockholm TravelStockholm TravelStockholm Travel

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