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royal wedding kissEn route to Dublin from Bergen, we opted for a longer layover in London. We had never been there and a little time is better than no time. I feel like just being able to get a tiny feel of the place and a teeny window into the lay of the land is totally worth the effort it takes to head out of the airport and run around a little while. With only a few hours to make the most of, we left the airport and took the train into the city and went straight to Buckingham Palace… obviously. All those memories of watching weddings and funerals on TV came back swift and I was so happy to finally see it! #royalweddingforever #thosekisses

Next we walked down the Boulevard and made our way to the changing of the guards with their beautiful horses because that’s another must do. It was such a hot day and I was feeling for them in their heavy uniforms. It looked like a bum job that time of year. Not far is parliment and Big Ben so we trekked over to see those. Next time we want to bring Hattie since she’s one of the few dog breeds allowed in British Parliament. #royal

As an homage to my favorite London Based YouTubers (Estée and Fleur), we went shopping at Selfridges and even stopped in for chicken at Nando’s, which they always seem to be eating. I even found Fleur’s eyelash line in Boots. Yay for Beauty Bloggers!

Lastly we headed into Westminster Cathedral for a look and listen.

It was back to the train and airport for our flight to Dublin. Ill never forget this day for so many reasons but most importantly, it was the day I finally made it to Ireland, a lifetime dream of mine.

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 London Day:

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