Brooke and Sam’s Huntington Beach CA Wedding

Brooke and Sam met playing coed sports before they became the founders of their own Orange County Adult Sports League, Beach City Sports! As a result, they had a big fun crew at their wedding, down to party and full of love for these two as they tied the knot. They even incorporated football into their wedding day.

Our own story with Brooke goes back a bit further, Dan having been to college with Brooke. She even came to our wedding and actually did my hair for it. Needless to say, when she reached out to us to photograph her wedding to Sam in Huntington Beach, we were 100% stoked.

On the day of, the weather was spot on, not that this is a surprise considering the location in Huntington Beach. Brooke’s dog Joey, even made the ceremony as an honorary groomsmen! After the ceremony and photos, the dance party began and it didn’t really stop until the last song. One of my favorite parts of the day was when Sam’s sister gave the DJ a CD of Jordanian music, and all the family cheered and proceeded to dance: Jordanian Style. What could be more fun to see? It was a wonderful day with a sweet ending of Chinese Lanterns with their last remaining partiers.

Brooke and Sam 0746




Brooke and Sam 0497Brooke and Sam 0489Brooke-and-Sam-0452.JPG

Brooke and Sam 0555

Brooke and Sam 0510Brooke and Sam 0654

Brooke and Sam 0553Brooke and Sam 0705

Brooke and Sam 0646Brooke and Sam 0693Brooke and Sam 0732Brooke and Sam 0773Brooke and Sam 0778Brooke and Sam 0788

Venue: Sea Cliff Country Club   |   Cake: Creative Cakes   |   Florist : Love n Bloom   |   DJ: Eric Morales

Videographer: Ambient Features   |   Officiant: Brides Uncle- Richard Olivas   |   Hair & Makeup Stylist : Noel from HeySaylor Cosmetics

Luke and Maureen’s Hollywood Portrait Session

We just got back from a two week adventure in the west, staying a week in Hollywood and then another week in Honolulu. While we were in LA, we stayed with two of our long-time friends: Luke and Maureen. Dan has known Luke since he was a youngin’ back in the days of their home-schooling. They taught sword fighting to younger kids in their co-op and generally were a dynamic duo, taking over the Raleigh-Durham area with their antics, (I may be exaggerating a bit but they totally did teach sword fighting). Maureen and Luke started dating right before Dan and I got married, and they came to our small wedding. Maureen is a Fine Art photographer and Luke is an Actor. Together they make quite the hot number don’t you think? We had a blast with them, touring the sights of LA and enjoying catching up. Here are a few images from our little impromptu session after Maureen got out of class in Hollywood. These were all taken on one street, just outside of the building she is taking classes in. Thank you to the random street we were on for being so darn cool.

Maureen and Luke In Love Session 0004

Maureen and Luke In Love Session 0003

Maureen and Luke In Love Session 0017

Maureen and Luke In Love Session 0008

Maureen and Luke In Love Session 0010

Maureen and Luke In Love Session 0048

Maureen and Luke In Love Session 0046

Maureen and Luke In Love Session 0035

Maureen and Luke In Love Session 0059

Maureen and Luke In Love Session 0062

Maureen and Luke In Love Session 0089

Maureen and Luke In Love Session 0044

Maureen and Luke In Love Session 0042

Maureen and Luke In Love Session 0072Maureen and Luke In Love Session 0077

Maureen and Luke In Love Session 0083

Maureen and Luke In Love Session 0100

Maureen and Luke In Love Session 0103Maureen and Luke In Love Session 0111Maureen and Luke In Love Session 0096Maureen and Luke In Love Session 0119


Eirik and Deanna’s Napa, CA Wedding

Deanna and Eirik (pronounced “Eye-rick”) met on Facebook if you can believe it! Eirik is Norwegian and has a mutual friend to Deanna, Jarred, who was the best man. Jared started a conversation with Deanna on Facebook, forgetting he was on Eirik’s computer logged in as him instead. After a while of talking back and forth online, Eirik offered to meet with her in Venice and she agreed. Now that’s a good first date!  Deanna and Eirik  were married in Deanna’s family’s front yard in Napa, California. It was a home grown event, full of sweet touches and gifts from everyone, including a family friend who was a chef providing the meal, Deanna’s brothers building the dance floor, music written and sang by family, as well as a special song written and sang by the groom and performed by her siblings. Three of Eirik’s friends flew from Norway for the wedding, as well as his Father and Sister. His mother couldn’t make it but she was able to be there for it all via skype! Eirik’s Dad filmed a lot of the day and always had her within the reach of an iPad. It was very cool to be able to have her see what was happening and even talk to them! During their couple portrait time, Eirik said “Wait I forgot I need to do something! I need to change my facebook status to married!” Deanna will begin a new life with Eirik in Oslo, Norway, but not before they travel the world for a few months as an extended honeymoon!