Lisa Ann and Jordan’s Day After Session

When we said earlier that Jordan cracks Lisa Ann up… we were not kidding. It was SO much fun and unfairly easy to photograph these two because they were always having fun. To top it off, Jordan could not keep his hands off of Lisa Ann, ready to kiss her at any request from us. It was so much fun… seriously. It’s impossible to be in a bad mood around them.

After their wedding, we met with them at NINE A.M. the following morning (our idea). You read that right. It is so hot in Puerto Rico that we honestly believed (and still do) that doing their Post Wedding Session as early as possible would produce the least sweaty and hot photos and I am so glad we did. Even that early in the morning we were still dying and had to stop multiple times for water and A/C. We have to give these two major props for being willing to do that with us the day after their wedding.

First we hung out in a local sports stadium, then we headed to the town and walked around among the roosters and brightly colored buildings, (photography heaven). After only an hour in the heat, we bailed on the concrete and headed for Flamenco Beach. They donned their bathing suits and took a swim with Dan and our underwater housing. It was seriously a once in a lifetime weekend we got to spend with the two of them and we will never ever forget the sound of Lisa Ann’s happy laughing with her husband(!) Jordan.

Commence Caribbean radicalness and an underwater photo shoot.

Culebra Puerto Rico Engagement Session 0040Culebra Puerto Rico Engagement Session 0038Culebra Puerto Rico Engagement Session 0039Culebra Puerto Rico Engagement Session 0041Culebra Puerto Rico Engagement Session 0042Culebra Puerto Rico Engagement Session 0043Culebra Puerto Rico Engagement Session 0044Culebra Puerto Rico Engagement Session 0045Culebra Puerto Rico Engagement Session 0046Culebra Puerto Rico Engagement Session 0047Culebra Puerto Rico Engagement Session 0048Culebra Puerto Rico Engagement Session 0049Culebra Puerto Rico Underwater Engagement Session 0050Culebra Puerto Rico Underwater Engagement Session 0052Culebra Puerto Rico Underwater Engagement Session 0051Culebra Puerto Rico Underwater Engagement Session 0053Culebra Puerto Rico Underwater Engagement Session 0054Culebra Puerto Rico Underwater Engagement Session 0055Culebra Puerto Rico Underwater Engagement Session 0056Culebra Puerto Rico Underwater Engagement Session 0057Culebra Puerto Rico Underwater Engagement Session 0058Culebra Puerto Rico Underwater Engagement Session 0059

Lisa and Jordans Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding

Destination Weddings are always and will forever be, a huge honor. The fact the couples want us to be with them for their wedding is already honor enough but add the detail that they want you at their destination wedding location just blows our minds. Lisa Ann and Jordan invited us to photograph their wedding on the tiny island of Culebra, just off the coast of Puerto Rico. If you have never been, or never hear of it, google it now. You should add it to your short list of places to visit. Trust us. BEST. BEACHES. EVER.

They told us to wear flip flops and to come have a good time, which is exactly what we did. Dan hung out with Jordan and best man at the ceremony location (aka: voted one of the best beaches in the world by Trip Advisor… no kidding). I went over to the house Lisa Ann was getting ready in and got to meet her family and closest friends. Once she was ready, we headed across the island for their ceremony. While the guys shared a traditional whisky toast, the ladies clinked champagne… then it was time. Lisa Ann and Jordan’s vows were all kinds of precious as they went back and forth with promises and cute messages of love. It was a heart-felt and sincere ceremony, where the guests (and the photographers) could feel just how much they love one another. After the kiss, and the breaking of the glass, it was party time. Now if you know me, you know I’m a closet Disney-fan, so you can imagine that seeing a wedding reception with hidden Mickey’s all over the place spoke to me. Magic!

This Friday the 13th, full moon, destination wedding was nothing is not a blast.

PS: Don’t miss how much Jordan makes Lisa Ann laugh. It was a JOY to watch.

Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0002Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0005Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0006Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0009Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0010

Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0008Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0011Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0012Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0013

Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0015Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0016Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0001Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0014Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0017Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0018Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0019Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0020Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0021Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0022Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0023Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0024

Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0003Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0025Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0026Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0028

Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0027Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0029Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0031Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0032Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0034Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0033Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0004Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0007Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0035Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0036Culebra Puerto Rico Wedding 0037

Venue: Flamenco Beach, Culebra, Puerto Rico

Catering: Homeless Dog Cafe Hair and Make-up: Lizzie Ibarra Hair & Make-up Artist

Gown: Maggie Sottero Flowers: M&M Flower Market

Karina and Christian’s Puerto Rico Wedding

It is hard to describe Karina and Christian’s wedding day without sounding like I’m exaggerating, but honestly it was completely unforgettable. Mix together eclectically decorated getting ready apartment in the heart of Old San Juan, stylish details from the beginning to the end at the reception, creative music, actual skilled latin dancing, an open air hacienda called the La Hacienda Siesta Alegre in the rain forest, bridal party fun at El Morro, a wedding dress that included feathers…. I mean honestly. What could be more fun?

Karina and Christian have a beautiful story and their faith in Christ is at the center of it. It is always good to see what a relationship built within Christ looks like lived out in real life. Their vows included promises like “Should sorrow come your way, I vow to be the shoulder you can lean on and as you lean on me I vow to lift you up with love and encouragement.” and “You are precious to me. All the riches in the world cant buy the love I have for you.” Again… wonderfulness. It was so so romantic. I hope you and see that through these images and you will join us in wishing them well in their new voyage into marriage!

The shoes in Old San Juan
The dress hanging in Old San Juan
The groom gets ready
The groomsmen
The bride getting ready
The Bride Getting Ready
The Bride getting ready
Making sure her makeup is just right
The bride getting ready for the first look
The bride and groom
The Bride and gRoom
The bride and groom
The bride and groom
The Bride and Groom
The bride and groom
The Bride and Groom
Just the brides hands
The Bridal Party on the fort
The Bride by the fort
The bridal Party

The Bride
San Juan Puerto Rico Wedding Photography
San Juan Puerto Rico Wedding Photography
San Juan Puerto Rico Wedding Photography
San Juan Puerto Rico Wedding Photography

The detailsThe detailsThe detailsThe rings
The first dance
Throwing the boquet

Venue: La Hacienda Siesta Alegre   |   Coordinator: The Event by Merylin   |   Officiant: Pastor Marco Palumbo

Catering and Cake: Chef Marisoll   |   Hair: Qza   |   Make-up: Gisella Amaya (Maid of honor)

Florist: Jaasiel Pacheco of INTIC   |   Music: Joel Lopez Big J Music

Videographer: Joseph Minasi Weddings  |   Tux: Sax & Fifth   |  Gown: Gown: San Patrick Barcelona

Here is the incredible wedding highlights film by the magical Joseph Minasi Weddings:

Karina + Christian // Highlights Film // Puerto Rico from Joseph Minasi on Vimeo.