Ft Worth Texas Engagement Session: Becky and Kevin

Even though Dan and Becky went to college together, they didnt really get to know one another due to different friend groups and ages. When she reached out to us to photograph her wedding we were so excited so a plethora of reasons, but one of them being the fact that we would all get to know one another after such a long time.

Becky is Canadian and Kevin is a true blue Texan, so they get to navigate those ever fun waters of US/Canadian immigration. Since we were in Texas for Kathryn and AJ’s wedding, we thought meeting up for an engagement session would be a great way to get to know them better and warm them up to the camera. Well… they didnt need any warming up. All we had to do for this session was put them in good light, and they did the rest. When I think of these two I will always think about when I asked Kevin if there were too many people in the park and if they were uncomfortable being all lovey-dovey. His response was “Let them watch!” (Of course I am not quoting exactly but that was the take home message I got from what he said… so good).

After the session we went out for some dinner and talked until we were the last people left in the place. Ill take that as a really good sign for things to come with these two.

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Austin Texas Wedding: Kathryn and AJ

When AJ emailed us asking us if we knew any wedding photographers in Austin Texas, we politely but rather immediately replied: “US!” This response got us hooked up with a sweet wedding in the great state of Texas, getting to meet his uber sweet Texas lady, a whole lot of fun Texas and NYC folks, and a good time.

AJ got ready in his apartment while Kathryn and her ladies prepared at the Intercontinental, downtown. They met up in the lobby for an adorable “first look” in front of some beautiful windows. We love finding quiet moments in the bustle of a city, and this was one! Couple photos and family photos followed, and then we all headed to the venue a few minutes outside of town at The Union on Eighth. The ceremony took place outside and was very unique in the fact that all the guests helped in the officiating. Everyone had words to read out loud that lead the ceremony on, while a sibling did the official pronunciation. It was adorbs.

The reception was immaculately detailed and looked so pretty throughout the whole evening thanks to Kate and her team at Wild Sky Events. Well done ladies… well done. The party went on late into the evening and with a confetti exit, they newlyweds ran off! It was super fun, super cute, super happy, and just what we like to be a part of.

Austin Texas Loft Wedding 0003 Austin Texas Loft Wedding 0001 Austin Texas Loft Wedding 0004 Austin Texas Loft Wedding 0002 Austin Texas Loft Wedding 0005 Austin Texas Loft Wedding 0006 Austin Texas Loft Wedding 0007 Austin Texas Loft Wedding 0008 Austin Texas Loft Wedding 0009 Austin Texas Loft Wedding 0011 Austin Texas Loft Wedding 0010 Austin Texas Loft Wedding 0019 Austin Texas Loft Wedding 0018Austin Texas Loft Wedding 0020 Austin Texas Loft Wedding 0012 Austin Texas Loft Wedding 0013 Austin Texas Loft Wedding 0014 Austin Texas Loft Wedding 0015 Austin Texas Loft Wedding 0016 Austin Texas Loft Wedding 0017 Austin Texas Loft Wedding 0024 Austin Texas Loft Wedding 0025 Austin Texas Loft Wedding 0026 Austin Texas Loft Wedding 0022 Austin Texas Loft Wedding 0023 Austin Texas Loft Wedding 0027 Austin Texas Loft Wedding 0028 Austin Texas Loft Wedding 0021Austin Texas Loft Wedding 0029

Coordinator  |  Kate at Wild Sky Events

Ceremony and Reception Venue: The Union on Eighth  |  Rehearsal Dinner: Capital Cruises

Hair and Makeup: Jess at Method Hair  |  Florist: Pollen Floral Art

DJ: Texas Pro DJ |  Catering: Contigo Austin

Austin TX Engagement Session: Kathryn and AJ

One of our favorite things to do if clients hire us for a rehearsal dinner, is to meet them an hour beforehand for a mini engagement session! Everyone looks cute and the energy is super high since its the start of the wedding weekend! Trust us, its a good time.

AJ took us to the top of his work building, which was way better than the plan we had! Nice idea AJ! From there we could see the whole city. Afterwards we headed to some fun graffiti, which actually highlighted a detail from one of their first dates. Super cute. The time fly by and we had to head back to the busses for the dinner in what felt like 10 minutes after we began the session. Time flies when you are photographing love birds I guess.

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