#CORITXcoxes: Our Trip to Colorado, The Grand Canyon, Rhode Island, and Texas

This March, we embarked on QUITE the trip in order to photograph 3 engagement sessions, 1 rehearsal dinner, and 2 weddings. Luckily all those sessions lined up pretty well time-wise, to have us traveling concisely, however they were in no way nearby one another. This post doesn’t even cover the wedding we did a week prior to this trip, that we flew to Boston for. Boston feels so much like home though its pretty much not a travel post kind of a thing you know? Since we did SO much, the structure of this post will be a little different than usual so I can caption the photos as the come up so you don’t get lost in this crazy trip we did! Let’s go shall we?

This was the first trip we took with our new Fuji X-T10. We have been wanting a personal small lightweight incognito camera for a really long time and finally bit the bullet before this trip.

Colorado Trip Bethany and Dan 0001

Hattie knows what this big blue bag means and she wasnt into the fact that we were packing it… without her.Colorado Trip Bethany and Dan 0003

FIRST STOP: Denver Colorado to Steamboat Spring Colorado

This portion of the trip was so we could go and photograph Meg and Nate’s engagement session. They hosted us in serious fashion, showing us lots of landmarks and a really really good time. Neither of us had been to Colorado before so this was a big deal for both of us.

Colorado Trip Bethany and Dan 0004Colorado Trip Bethany and Dan 0005Colorado Trip Bethany and Dan 0006Colorado Trip Bethany and Dan 0007Colorado Trip Bethany and Dan 0012Colorado Trip Bethany and Dan 0008Colorado Trip Bethany and Dan 0009Colorado Trip Bethany and Dan 0010Colorado Trip Bethany and Dan 0011Colorado Trip Bethany and Dan 0013Colorado Trip Bethany and Dan 0014

SECOND STOP: The Grand Canyon

After we hugged those two goodbye (for now- See you this summah!), we headed down to Salida since Dan has always wanted to see it. The town boasts a whitewater river and lots of kayakers… just what Dan likes to see. We went out to breakfast the next morning and Dan hatched a plan to throw out the current plan and instead head 8 hours away to see the Grand Canyon. It was impromptu, romantic, and a total Andy and April moment. #myheartColorado Trip Bethany and Dan 0015Colorado Trip Bethany and Dan 0016Colorado Trip Bethany and Dan 0017Colorado Trip Bethany and Dan 0018Colorado Trip Bethany and Dan 0019Grand Canyon Trip Bethany and Dan 0021Grand Canyon Trip Bethany and Dan 0022Grand Canyon Trip Bethany and Dan 0024Grand Canyon Trip Bethany and Dan 0023Grand Canyon Trip Bethany and Dan 0027Grand Canyon Trip Bethany and Dan 0025Grand Canyon Trip Bethany and Dan 0028Grand Canyon Trip Bethany and Dan 0026Grand Canyon Trip Bethany and Dan 0030Grand Canyon Trip Bethany and Dan 0029Grand Canyon Trip Bethany and Dan 0031Grand Canyon Trip Bethany and Dan 0032

And now for a little treat… we filmed most of our Grand Canyon trip and now that Dan is getting into video, we have a vlog for you! It delves into the travel drama that ensued after the canyon. You’ll see why we always book our flights 1 day before the day before we have to be anywhere. Being conservative with air travel is the ONLY option when you are a wedding photographer. Remember that day in March when the Denver airport closed for the first time in 10 years?? Yeah…

THIRD STOP: Providence Rhode Island

After QUITE the terrifying travel debacle, we made it to Providence Rhode Island to photograph Dana and Rodrigo’s gorgeous library wedding. After a tiny trip up to Portland Maine to house shop (we didn’t find anything), we chilled out in Rhode Island for two nights, and did nothing at all but sleep, backup files, and photograph the wedding. #doworkRhode Island Trip Bethany and Dan 0033

FOURTH STOP: Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio Texas

Last we headed to Texas, to photograph Kathryn and AJ’s wedding weekend:

Engagement Session

Rehearsal Dinner


AND we photographed Becky and Kevin’s Engagement.


Since neither of us had really spent any quality time in the great state of Texas, we stayed a whole week to check the place out! Most of the time we were eating our way through Austin, but we also did a day trip to San Antonio,  and ended the trip with an afternoon in Dallas, seeing Dealey Plaza and the Sixth Floor Museum.Texas Trip Bethany and Dan 0034Texas Trip Bethany and Dan 0035Texas Trip Bethany and Dan 0036Texas Trip Bethany and Dan 0042Texas Trip Bethany and Dan 0040Texas Trip Bethany and Dan 0041Texas Trip Bethany and Dan 0037Texas Trip Bethany and Dan 0038Texas Trip Bethany and Dan 0039Texas Trip Bethany and Dan 0044Texas Trip Bethany and Dan 0045Texas Trip Bethany and Dan 0047Texas Trip Bethany and Dan 0046Texas Trip Bethany and Dan 0043

I have to say, that while this trip was ridiculously tiring and stressful, we really did add some bucket list destinations to our travel list. Im so thankful for each and every moment that we get to spend together on the road. I honestly feel the most alive when we are traveling! Of everywhere we went on the trip, I’d go to every place again.

Trip hashtag on instagram: #CORITXcoxes

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