Hashtag titles aside, we really are on our way! I am sitting at the gate in Boston, having already flown from Raleigh to here this morning. We are waiting for our flight to Seattle. Then it’s on to Honolulu tomorrow and Maui on Wednesday. #what!!!??!?! Dan is walking Hattie outside, trying to give her the best experience we can with all this flying. “Doggie Xanax,” as Dan is calling it, is going to be spiking her treats too so… we should be good to go there 😉

It is hard to put into words the way we are feeling today. I had typed and deleted quite a few sentences here trying to get it right. The sleepless nights worrying about if we are doing the right thing, and the hard decisions we had to make to protect our dreams are about to add up to this day right here. We are going. It is happening. We are chasing our dreams, in spite of the challenges we face.

Of course Hawaii is awesome and it’s going to be super fun, but the bigger picture for me is the symbol it represents. It means many things to me, some personal, but others simple… the fact that we didn’t compromise and we, with the help of so many of our friends and family, made it happen! We are headed to paradise to reconnect, fall more in love, appreciate this wonderful planet that God made, and to…. wait for it… HAVE FUN! We promise we will take you along for the journey via our blog, facebook and instagram. Afterall, you guys had a hand in getting us there.

God Bless and pray for us in all these flights. whew!


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  1. Catherine
    December 10, 2013

    We are beyond excited for you and cannot WAIT to stalk all your amazing adventures! Have so much fun!


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