#coxesoutwest2015: LA and Palm Springs

This is the last installment of our #coxesoutwest2015 Series. If you missed anything here are the previous posts: Seattle, Mt St Helens, Oregon, and Idaho

The whole reason this trip was so long was that we had two jobs on the west coast about 14 days apart. One was a wedding in seattle, and the second was a commercial shoot with Starwood Hotels, photographing a concert with John Legend in LA. Yeah. Can’t complain. You can see those photos here: SPG Moments Captured with John Legend

Our final leg of the trip was in California. We had a couple of days there and since we’ve been to LA a couple of times before (2014¬†and 2011) we took it easy this time. We visited with a couple of our friends and also Dan’s wonderful Aunt Happy. We also went to a taping of Mike and Molly at WB Studios. My favorite part of our CA time though, was going to Palm Springs for a day trip. I’ve wanted to go for a long time and Dan just added it to the trip on a whim one morning when we woke up. Yes please! Palm Springs was unreal to me, everything all colorful and mid-century modern! I could NOT stop taking photos, similar to what happens to me when we are in San Juan. My shutter just wont stop! We went to a couple of hotels to take a look at the decor, and had lunch poolside at the Ace. Can we shoot a wedding here please? Thanks.

LA and Palm Springs Takeaways:

  • A live filming of Mike and Molly is no fun. Sorry to say but we really hated it. The show itself was funny and we liked seeing the behind the scenes. That being said, the Emcee was condescending, verbally abusive, and just plain awful! We were served cold pizza and made fun of for about 4 hours. I was dying to get out of there. Maybe another show would be better??
  • Palm Springs is a must-see and I will be back. Mark-my words. Anyone you know getting married here? We would LOVE to photograph it. We already have photo ideas.
  • We are always humbled and honored when we get to photograph such cool events with SPG. I hope that this merger with Marriott doesnt mean these shows will end. Fingers and Toes are crossed.
  • Its really fun to go back to cities we have been a couple times. I love not having a long laundry list of things to do and letting the trip be casual and easy going. It makes me feel more relaxed and more vacation-y. Dont write off places youve already been as re-vacation spots.

All in all, this was a wonderful trip! I loved the variety of each and every day! I am forever thankful for the job that we have that lets us see our country so often. Our cup runneth other.

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