Jess and Eric’s Rehearsal Dinner in Baltimore, Maryland

After Jess and Eric’s Mini-Session, We all went inside and took part in their extremely sweet and heartfelt rehearsal dinner. Each table was themed, encompassing important elements in each of their lives. The first two were Ireland and Guatemala, followed by University of Alabama and Georgia Tech and lastly Coffee and Tea. The food was home-made with love. We were even welcomed as a part of the event, and they introduced us to everyone and said thank you! I cried… obviously.

After a tear-jerking video and tearful speeches, Eric’s sister read some hilarious pieces of marriage advice that waer written down in crayon by some of the children that were there. My favorite was, “Bunnies,”  followed closely by “Eat mac & cheese and go places with your friends.” That’s sound advice if you ask me. Next came prayers and pumpkins. What is not to love?

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