Jess and Eric’s Baltimore Maryland Wedding

It was a perfect weather day, with autumn colors in the trees. Eric was preparing on the second floor of the Elkridge Furnace Inn while Jess and all her bridesmaids were up on the third floor. After the ladies were all ready for the ceremony, they took a few moments for prayer and prayed for Jess and her new role as a wife to Eric. It was beautiful and my hands were shaking as I photographed these moments. One of the bridesmaids was one of our brides from last year! You can even see Jess and Eric in Natalie and Thad’s wedding blog post. Gotta love seeing your friends at a wedding right? The ceremony was stunning as she walked down the aisle with ethereal light behind her. They sang and prayed and promised one another they’d be together forever. After the kiss, the party was on. During the reception there were four musical performances, one being a performance of “Swept Away,” by the Avett Brothers, sung by Eric and their friends. Their enchanted tea party themed reception closed with a final dance of the bride and groom before the left for the night. We were so thankful to be there for their wedding.

Venue: Elkridge Furnace Inn   |   Florist: Floriography Boutique   |   Make-up: Vivid Salon   |   DJ: Classic DJs   |   Gown: Church Street Bridal

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  1. Caroline
    November 30, 2012

    Love these-my favorite is the black and white shot of a kiss on the cheek!


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